Friday, November 6, 2015

Wanna Flick? Apple Shower

November is here, and it's time to look at some of the latest titles released in the world of SL porn. Stay horny, stay foolish, we're gonna begin with...

This is another outing by the porn guy with more muscles than the sea, Morph Wyx! Working once more with the protean actress that is Celestria Magic.

There are no doctors involved in this flick ( I guess apples do manage to keep them at distance), and it's best this way: this is one of those movies that make smoking look so sexy! Well, it does establish priorities tho, between all the good things one can do with their mouth.

Whether she is involved in highway robbery or waiting for a pizza, Celestria brings to a movie a jaw-dropping and other- bodyparts-erecting look every time, and actually, Morph in his latest movies seems happy to transition to a leaner but still certainly ripped physique.

This movie by Morph continues his tradition of dusky flicks filmed with an almost clinical attention to detail for the bodies: he puts great energy and raw passion on screen, and the soundtrack really 'pumps' right, perfectly completed by his effective montage and the appropriate effects, including a neat 8-bit like pixelation fade. I am sure you will it a worthy sight, you will be treated by arousing views all over its svelte runtime.

And always arousing and worth more than a view is the delightful Priscila Balogh, of course!

This time in the latest mr. Omer flick. He is donning his Brazilian defender 'do here, probably to impress her. Hmm, well, not sure if it's really impressive credentials there...

But whatever he did it worked, because miss Balogh is all over him, and that's where things get heated! Fun fun fun, in the sun sun sun. Lots of sun. But also lots of fun, check it out!

Omer puts another movie in the bank, with yet another of the finest, Sexiest pornstars. Priscila looks at her best here - I always had a weak spot for shorter hairstyles on her- and seeing her busy on BBC task means getting exactly what a porn flick is about.

That's it for now: enjoy the movies after the jump!
And let me know if you want your movie covered here on the blog!


Dirty Shower 

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