Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Monstruous Magazines!

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me. Damn, osteoporosis and masochism are a bad combination. 
But for those who love a good spanking and are not allergic to chloroform and latex, there you have it, the newest issue of...

SLBM - SL Bondage Models


If this is the first time you read about SLBM, I suggest you to take a peek at our feature about their premier issue, here on the Sexiest blog. Same if you heard about it some time ago in the past, because you might have been familiar with a type of magazine and product that changed entirely ever since the current owners TrinaCarlsson, Luvi Unplugged and Dark Lichlore took over. Speaking of the devil: let's see what sir Lichlore has to say to introduce this issue, especially for our blog readers....

Here you can see dr. Dark about to do very naughty things to Ashley (Amosa Sugarplum). But with science, of course!

"This issue was all about the girls who love the creepier things in live... horror, monsters, and peril. We had originally wanted it out by Halloween, but due to some RL issues occurring with various models and staff members, we would have either had to cut the issue short, or wait a week and have a much better publication... and I always want ensure quality over speed or quantity. We had a lot of very fun shoots, such as the ragdoll kidnapping one with Melonie Menges and the mad scientist "cliffhanger" with Ashley Sugarplum, although every shoot was a pleasure thanks to our wonderfully patient and accommodating staff and models. Kudos go out to everyone who is part of our team and especially to our readers." 
- Dark Lichlore, co-owner of SLBM

Pornstars member Jatazu demonstrating some DiabolicalSuperScience !

The team of the magazine is indeed a strong point of this quality 'lifestyle' magazine with a kinky unique edge. After the premier issue we covered on the blog, the Second Life Bondage Models crew has not been idle. Despite the difficulties he referred to, between issues the magazine group stayed active and offered modeling opportunities to those avalaible. They like to carry themselves with a professional attitude, even compensating models for the time spent, and they make very clear how despite being a group/magazine catered towards people with passions like bondage, submission, forced sex, they certainly don't want nor condone any exploitation. Kinksters, not gansters!

The wonderful Luvi Unplugged-Lichlore in this photo...but can you spot Nicholas Tench here too? Look closely...

Quality phothoshoots in this magazine, erotic narration and interviews with designers. I am a fan of Luvi's photography and Dark's writing, as they both in their own way don't really remind me of anything else's style. The material in here has a true 'fresh' feel, with the shoots exploring themes like "teratophilia (monster lovin' for the laymen)", and interviews conducted in a pleasant but informative manner. Plus other features i leave you deviants the chance to find out! SLBM is a magazine definitely worth checking out: a trip to their HQ will certainly satisfy some of your curiosity as you get your copy, and then hopefully leave you with an interest to learn more!

New SLBM Logo

If you have a magazine of interest for our community, please IM me! I'd love to collaborate on an article!

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  1. Thank you for a great write-up on us Katina! And thank you to all of our readers and to everyone in the Sexiest group and blog!