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Integalactic SLUTS: Two Weeks...

I haven't forgotten about those hot porn series, nope ! One post long overdue of course is the one about...

Miss Emily's space opera is marching towards its end phase....for this season at least. All the cards are on the table, with all the key players being introduced (have they really?). The episodes I am referring to are 7 & 8. I am sure you blog readers are versed in math enough to know that they preceed 9 and 10, which will conclude Season 1.
'Reunited' and 'Heads will Roll' present 2 new characters with a pivotal role in the story, being the 'big evil' of the series and one unexpected ally.

And it's only fitting that important roles like these are covered by 2 of the brightest stars in our scene. I feel it's quite redundant for me to try and introduce who Adele Simondsen and Ali Lancrae are: I mean, come on! Plus, ooo, I have screenshots.

I can only say that episode 7 does a wonderful job of showcasing the 'reunion' of Adele with the estranged on-screen wife Erin, and show how she is just as naughty as all the other girls on SLUTS duty!

" Lt Commander Simondsen is reunited with her wife Lt. Commander Cedarbridge. Lt Commander Simondsen has a physical and her DNA checked. Two bad slaves are punished on Diogo. A plan is put into action to attack Mistress De Vil and the other Keplerian is located and teleported to the Intergalactic alone with her new friend, and reunited with Zuby. "

And through the 2 episodes, you get to see in action, sporting a memorable and perfectly (tight)fitting look, the evil intergalactic slave trader Mistress De Vil. (here is where I imagine thunders crackle and all that... ).

" Mistress De Vil comes to Diogo to get more slaves and take back to Veder with her. Commander Miggins, Lt Commander Simondsen, Lt. Commander Cedarbridge and Lieutenant Release, proceed to Veder and kills sometime while waiting further orders. Doc Shows what loose cannon he is and has a Lightsword accident. "

Again I want to refrain from overstating the merits of this space odyssey and make it sound like Emily is the second coming of Kubrick, but I do feel that it's worth noting how if you look past the sex, like a proven 'mainstream' series Intergalactic SLUTS does a really admirable job balancing sequences that flesh out the characters, with scenes that move the plot forward.

And when she advances the plot, does if from different perspectives. in this case, Emily and the crew organizing their plan against the slavers, mixed with the villanous antics of the slavers themselves and the infiltration of the surviving Wookie Keplerian with the enygmatic 'Freckles'.

Marika is a character who already enjoyed a good amount of screentime in the previous episodes, but it's in this episode 7 that we really get to see more of her motives -if what is said is to be trusted! yes i am totally trying to fuel the paranoia here-, ending up being 'on a mission'.

I used earlier a phrase that I should clarify: "if you look past the sex". Nope. Do not! Look through it. Look at it and enjoy it, it's not really multitasking to have sex and a story in the same flick! Don't be like those prudes who dismiss anything 'porn' averting their eyes from the screen altogether and missing the big picture....but at the same time, heck, enjoy the sex, because this is a porn series and does a damn good job at it.

44 minutes and over 33 are of hardcore sex! And with a big cast packed with truly hot pornstars. Let's list them: on the station together with stranded Keplerian Zuby, we have the official crew with captain Emily, her second in command Sandy Miggins, the medical officer Zoey Winsmore, the reunite couple of Erin and Adele, the volatile Lt. Cream Release. The Chief Engineer Anyka was busy manning the engines while everyone else was shagging, sadly.

And on the slavers' base, the antics of those ruthless SOB's are provided by Damien Godard, Doc-Torr, and the fresh addition Gaheris Edelmann. They are led by Ali Lancrae, obviously. And as eye candy and fine meat for the trade, we have Partee, Rachel Avro, Amia Jordan, Whimsical Aristocrat, Janis Aulder, Aura Badger. And as infiltrators, Marika Blaisdale and her trusted and slutty new companion.

There's plenty see in both episodes: there's sex for every taste -no pun intended- from tender lesbian sex to a ganbang in a futuristic cage-like structure. Cocks, pussies, kinky fuck machines, torture racks, anything but the kitchen sink! In fact, if you have problems with your sink, just bring it over, some people would screw anything as long as it is about unclogging the pipes!

And with all the sex and the twists and turns of the plot, it would be really easy to ignore all the immense work that went into the production. Try and count the different sets used, the props you see, some rather...unique. Try really hard to count, considering also that Emily's transitions with the spaceships landings are so effortless that you don't even 'see' them. All bits of work that do so well to keep the viewer immersed in the scene.

It's truly a mighty effort in machinima production, which I have been really proud to be a part of and that I hope will receive as much recognition possible. In fact, I have received some really surprising news, at this stage just a rumour, that might really cement the spot of this series as a legit 'franchise' like nothing else in the world of SL machinima. But I don't want to jinx it and certainly if anything needs to be announced, it will be Emily to do so, on her excellent blog (it even has an Imdb-style credits page here!).

And Emily's blog is also the best place to watch her movies, from the cloud. But guess what? I still put them here too , embedded from NM, after the jump. Enjoy , and stay tuned for the next episodes very soon. Winter is coming! Will we have more suprise buttsechs and skullfucks? We'll see!

After the jump, take a look at some SLUTS!

Intergalactic SLUTS 1x07: Reunited 

Intergalactic SLUTS 1x08: Heads Will Roll 

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  1. Another great post Katina, thank you!!
    All those screen shots make me tired even, looks like way more sets then it was.
    Love all those facial expressions (they look scared) ((they should be))