Monday, November 2, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Scary Comics!

Chilling! Scary! Horrific! It will make you sick! Close the door to that foul stench, to that eerie dim light and pray, PRAY that whatever is inside won't come out FOR YOU!!
...Ok, I'll finish cleaning the fridge later, now it's time to blog the last Halloween stuff. This is....

A Tale of Terror

Surprisingly enough, people can still take the scary movies seriously even after Scream and the ...well, Scary Movie series. Alexus Minotaur has his own unique take on the subject. And it's yet another fun comic from him, featuring the delightful Priscila Balogh! So yeah....what better way to know more about it than asking the man himself?
A Tale of Terror

- When did you come up with the idea for this Halloween comic?

" I'm a disaster for dates, but this time I wanted to prepare something with anticipation for Halloween. So I planned something 2 weeks ago, even with a little survey on the community, about how they imagine Halloween, to see if they associate it with terror, an excuse to dress slutty or just a party for kids. So the first option won.
I always noticed that in terror movies, one of the first victims are the horny teen couple, and the master doing that is Jason Voorhees. So I thought: it's an excellent excuse to show some of skin and combine it with terror lol."
A Tale of Terror

- How long did it take to make it from start to finish?

" Since the conception of the idea until the publication, 2 weeks. Of course that I don't work in consecutive days. I do this when I have some time available. The shooting per se was made in 2 nights. One with the scenes of Priscila and the other one where Jason appears alone. "

A Tale of Terror

- Can you tell me any fun anedocte about shooting / behind the scene?

" At first Priscila thought that Jason would kill me and then she would stay fucking with him, but that would be too obvious and the poor Jason doesn't have a cock lol. I think that's why he hates couples having sex, I don't buy the story of the lifeguards letting him die because they were shagging hehe.

Other story to tell is that the original Jason I got was too short, so he would look ridiculous entering to the cabin like a hobbit, so I had to fix a little the character. "
A Tale of Terror

- What is your favourite scary movie, if any?You always put humorous bits in your comics/stories, so here you have a chance to tell us something about your favourite movies or series.

" Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street are classics from my childhood, but actually I prefer scary movies that can give me a real surprise, maybe because you never expected the twist like "The Others" or the first movie of "The Ring". Now that you mention the issue about scary movies, I was watching "Halloween" some days ago (I don't remember which part, but is that one with michael myers) and I was wondering why the teens never join forces and ambush the damn monster. Instead all them run off and leave one of them alone so Michael Myers has an easy job."

Should I push it inside?

Who's that girl?

- Thank you Alexus so much for your partecipation! After the thrilling conclusion of cliffhangers like "Should I push it inside?" and "Whose arse is this?" (ok, it was actually "Who's that girl?" ...) , a new tale of suspense! I must say I...

" Just to finish, [Omg , he scared's like when the villain in the movies comes back out of the blue - Kat ] I wanted to mention that I have some projects in production process (I already have the pics) so I hope to have the time and release them soon. I hope my co-stars don't hate me for the delay lol. "

...yes, that! And now, as my disclaimer! Please IM me if you are part of a SL Magazine, comic, movie, anything you'd like to see covered here and is relevant to our community! I love to help you showcase your efforts!


  1. Hey! And what about me? I never got a notice about the casting. They will pay for this.

  2. Superb work from Alexus once again. Amazing, sexy, and very creative. Great stuff!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Sere. And thanks Kat for the nice article. I'm glad you liked and didn't scare you so much lol.