Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wanna Flick? Get a job!

Time for me to work on a movie post! I am so horrible at my job, keeping up with all the new stuff. But guess what, there are people who are way worst than me at THEIR job! Take this fella for instance !

" When secretary Allison Weaver catches her boss Rob Roxley in a compromising position at the office...she turns the tables on him."

Yes, yes, mr. Rob Roxley might be one of the most versatile and best dressed (Larry Vinaver-approved) actors in the biz, but here, he is a rather ineffective boss that gets caught red (or white?) handed by his sassy secretary. Luckily, this is all filmed by the always excellent Isabelle Cheviot. Never sloppy work from that one, and self-love on the job is totally cool in her case - she even makes a point of showing you how often!

I can never laud enough the work of Isabelle and her excellent choice of angles, with some simple and yet so lovely and spot-on change of focus and camera movements. Her approach at moviemaking always produces a sexy result no matter the situation. And her choice of female lead here is an inspired one! Allison Weaver (Elum Pegler) looks just great here.

The whole movie in fact is truly fun and sexy: part of it is of course thanks to the source material (audio track), but the way Rob and Allison interact here has some priceless moments. Isa's editing with the audio (and the stills in the credits and her awesome blog, btw...) just underlines some of the funniest bits.

Congratulations again to Isa for showing off so beautifully the hotness of her actors, and also help them bring out some 'character'. And to Allison for shaving her pussy. I mean, for doing such a nice job at standing out, and getting her name out there in what I hope will be a great movie career. And of course to Rob for being Rob, although....

Really Rob? Wanking to magazines? In 2015? Come on, those tablet thingies have touchscreens...cleanable ones. And you avoid the condescending look of the newstand guy.

Then again, If i am having a row at Rob for being technically challenged what should I say then about this dodo here who is still using Windows 95?

Yes yes, Mr. Omer dusts off his wig again and produces this movie that I hadn't covered yet ! Featuring for a second helping the bodaceous Vivi Vixen. This time obviously sporting a different 'physique' than in her previous flick with Omer. No prize if you spot the biggest difference!

Self explanatory movie isn't it ? The mommy-to-be craves some sexy chocolate, and the physican here is happy to oblige!

Really craves. Wow. Anyway, this movie certainly will appeal to someone with a special kink, and that's the beauty of the varied Pornstars scene!  A bit for everyone's taste. The framerate is a bit choppy in this flick, sadly (what do you expect with win 95 involved?), but that won't stop the horny bunnies amongst you to enjoy the movie and the beauty of Vivi - or the proven looks of mr. Omer, who directs true to his style, getting some sexy angles for sure!

Check both the movies out, after the jump! And....
Talk to me about your movies, magazines, exhibits, series, all sorts of projects! I love to get in detail about what you love doing!!


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