Monday, November 30, 2015

Wanna Flick? The Gopheller Effect

Today, one look at the most recent outings by a veteran porn director I hadn't the chance to cover yet.

'The Stripper Effect' is the latest movie, releases just yesterday, from Dave Gopheller. Dave worked in the past with some of the biggest (and of course Sexiest) Pornstars in the business, from Parthenea and her butt, to Zuby, and even gave that deceptingly innocent Kei Frequency her porn movie debut.

This new movie sees the debut of Suz (1973 Shippe), and I would imagine, also of Dave's new mesh avi. Dave showed a certain commitment to his place in his previous movies, with a very characteristic look, and while I am missing the presence of the exotic animals we could admire in some of his previous flicks, I enjoyed the change in this one!

Doesn't happen often nowadays to see a director give a chance to an actress without a full mesh body, and the lovely Suz can certainly be proud of her performance here. I am sure you will appreciate Dave's camerawork in this flick, with an especially nice tracking shot of Suz walking up the stairs at the beginning. Many filmakers would tell you, that filming avatars walking is one of the trickiest bits in the business.

One of the trademarks of Dave's production, besides the usage of very proven looks for his own avi, is certainly the quirky dialogue. Subtitles are being used a little less frequently than in the past in porn these days - or that is my impression possibly because the 2 most prolific directors in the scene use way more often edited RL tracks -, and certainly Dave uses them in a very recognizable way. Here's more examples from the 2 movies before The Stripper effect: Bunny Hotel (or Bunny Service) featuring Kimmy.,,

And featuring NaughtyAhh, "Naughty Little Slut".
No need for me to sum up the plot of these: I am sure the dialogues will get a chuckle out of you!

I am sure that if you speak with any of the actors who worked with Dave, you'll get a good feedback. I am pleased to have a chance to write a post about his movies, and I will probably even make a little retrospective post about some of his past flicks, featuring a mix of established stars and of girls who haven't had the chance to be in different productions.

It's obvious how Dave wants to film them in a flattering way and puts them as the matter the slut-calling antics!

Dave's newer movies are avalaible on Pornhub, while his previous stuff can be seen on Naughtymachinima.

Contact me, for any post you'd like to see here on the blog!!

The Stripper Effect 

Bunny Hotel 

Naughty Little Slut 

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