Friday, November 27, 2015

Wanna Flick? It's MY kind of magic!

If I didn't have you convinced yesterday about the virtues of Thanksgiving in SL for the non-americans, well, I am sure you can appreciate one let's say sub-product of that. If you have Thanksgiving, means also you get the Black Friday sales!!
Now I could make a post about the best bargains and discounts, but there's already Seraphim for that. So, what's a porn way to celebrate Black Friday? Hmmmm....

I know, I am bad! I have been saving these for today, and then I am gonna check Emily's classics too!
Talking about number 3 and number 4 of a series, with...

I love love love porn series. I want them to grow to the double digits, just like RL porn. And as for Dog Star Productions' series, as much as I look forward to those beautiful trips into depravity from the Taboo series and I can't help but feel excited when I see Isabelle get "A taste of" some new this case I really want to see some "Black Magic" at work!

Chocolate is one of the most popular flavours, and Isa's exquisite taste for shots makes it extra juicy. And it's always interesting in my view how a similar theme tends to produce different results, perhaps influenced by the nature of the performers, perhaps just because of the source material. These two videos both have their separate points of interest.

" Finally got a chance to work with Partee and Jirehco in the 3rd installment of my Black Magic series. They're both simply stunning and were a pleasure to work with! Watch as Partee sows some wild oats with Jirehco in Black Magic - Episode 3. "

Yes, Black magic 3 features the juicy Partee as a rather licentious gal looking for new experience as she meets for the first time in the flesh a gentleman with a very eye-catching online profile, played by none other than the unsung hero of the 2014 Sexiest Awards, Jirehco.

 You couldn't make Partee and her curves look unsexy even if you tried, and Isa as expected does the opposite. Gotta love the tempo of the movie: just as an example, it opens with a quite teasing monologue clearly setting up the scenario, then moves to a cute and coy sequence that is SO fitting Partee as she dolls up, and then it moves smoothly from a kissing sequence - always so hard to film those!- to one blowjob SO well timed and with such an...involving and involved audio, that I am sure will leave a mark! In your undies.

Black Magic 4 is as well a hot title:

" Husbands, don't leave your wives at home alone when you go away on business! That's the lesson that the stunning Racheal Rexen and newcomer Jerome Paulse teach us in the latest installment of Black Magic."

Massages make for excellent buildup opportunities, and the movie manages to indulged on Racheal Rexen's delightful curves and unique face throughout the whole duration, from the erotic 'actual' message of the beginning, to the hardcore action that follows.

And I couldn't imagine more flattering ways to shoot the hot newcomer Jerome, so well featured in his physical 'gifts' and a constant, imposing presence giving Racheal a thorough kneading.

Congratulations to everyone involved in both movies: actors are obviously a great inspiration to prolific filmakers with an eye for the sexy side of an avi and a determination to showcase them at their best. Can't wait to see even more movies from Isa, and both on-screen couples involved again in SL porn flicks!

Please enjoy both movies after the jump, and have a great Black Friday.
Now I can't wait till Black History Month!

If you have suggestions or requests for a post featuring a movie, magazine, exhibit, photoshoot, feel free to IM me, Katina Cazalet, and I'll see what I can do! I love to blog material relevant for our community.

Black Magic 3 

Black Magic 4 

And if it's not enough....How about Black Friday One, Two , and Three, by Emily? Just saying!

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