Monday, November 16, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Falling leaves - and tops too!

In yet another magazine post, there you have the award-winning beauty that is

BUSTed Magazine


Busted Magazine came out punctually on the first of the month, and archived the spookstravaganza of the Halloween special, brings us the usual mix of quality photoshoots, with a new photographer, new models (obviously), and yet a remarkable consistency in style and tone.

Now if it was a pecker she was petting, that would have been a very different picture.

Which in this issue had to be the warm tones of the autumn. This issue is one beautiful symphony of pinups painted with the warm tones of the season. It is a true pleasure to cover it because i get to mention the presence of some of the Sexiest and most friendly and active on the scene Pornstars.

And I do it right away happy to report that you will find on the mag the exotic beauty Urmeli Ellisson enhanced by Spirit Eleonara's photography, Mera Firelyte (Crystal Diabolito) shot in all her bodaceous beauty by Rachel Swallows, the exhuberant Firefox00001 shot by Domino Dupre, and how not to mention the covergirl: in a brilliant shoot by curves savant SolidX, a model in very high demand for a reason, rising porn star Brea Brianna.
And damn, Rachel Avro manages to sneak her way in this too, aided by the stars!

You can find a lot of youtube videos of cats in front of mirrors, but none quite acts like Mera here...

Busted would not be the well rounded magazine it is without the articles, supported by the impeccable photography by the owners Rachel and Be. Worth noting for the quality of the writeup combined with the pure artistry of both pics and subject, is the feature from The Grey Child artistic installation, with an interview with the creator.

Storm Septimus' creation, Failure to Thrive [ The Grey Child ]. Visit it at Lea15 before the year ends!

I know I know, you purveyors of smut! you want to see the goodies, and trust me, you get plenty on Busted! With the caveat on explicit sex, you still have plenty to fantasize about if you are into feminine curves, and get great ideas for your shopping needs if you happen to be one of those curvy feminine avis, thanks to features like the Designer Showcase by Be, who this month gets to show a lot of skin!

Rachel and Be are active photographers for the mag, and shoot plenty girls outside the porn scene. Here you see Leila.

So, as I like to say : go get Busted! You can find a Busted kiosk easily in SL, with a declared record presence of kiosks in over 300 locations, and you don't even have to do it more than once, because each of the professionally designed kiosk allows subscription, so it will be delivered to you promptly! Or of course, check the magazine out online, through the Busted magazine blog!!

Please feel free to hit me with news about the porn community, events, magazine, exhibitions! I am always glad to cover your work. Enjoy!

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