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Making out of with...Alexus Minotaur

We're always happy, and always excited to see a hot new Second Life Porn Comic Book hit the net. Especially when it's by a long time Porn legend, and featuring yet another too!

'The Day Off' Is brought to us by and starring Alexus Minotaur, and co starring Priscila Balogh.

Alexus really has well and truly set the bar for this genre of Porn. As always he gives us a high quality, and creative ride through the highly sexy and fun pages of his new comic book. Anybody who reads and enjoys these will surely not fail to miss the effort, work, and planning that goes into these erotic and fun productions. Equal to any movie, in its preparation and effort to deliver. A super sexy end result!

This genre is the true middle ground between regular photo shoots, and porn movie making, and i really hope to see many more on our scene, and enjoy many more from Alexus too.

Read the story below. Or visit Alexus's site right HERE!

And now, a little interview with Alexus about this comic's...Inception, by Katina. Read the comic first, as obviously the interview contains some spoilers.

Where and when did you get the inspiration for the comic?

It was in December when after some weeks of tense work I had some free days. So I started to think what is the classic fantasy about taking a day off, and it was very obvious: go to a paradisiac place on a luxury yacht with a super hot girl. So I thought: “hey I can make a story with this”.

Was the idea already set from the beginning or you thought about the ending and twists as you already started working on it? Did you make any change to the 'script' once you started working on it?

At first I just was planning make a simple story about a guy who brings a top pornstar to a lonely island and fulfill all his sexual fantasies with her.
But I felt it had some flaws like "how a regular guy convinces a pornstar to go with him to a lonely island and spend a complete day together?", "is he rich?", "is this a rap video clip?" I realized then if the story looks like a classic male dream, then why don’t you make it in that way.
Then the idea evolved to "the guy never had his perfect day off, he never left the office", and that’s how I started to work the scenes with Priscila.
Since I always want to give a happy ending for Alex (my character in the comics) I made a couple of plot twist, inspired in Inception, where there's a dream inside a dream.

The comic is all about happy endings!

Were the scenes shot in the same order as we see them in the comic?

I usually don't take the pics in the order that you see in the final story.
Since I work according to the availability of the people, this is how I did it:
1 I made the set of the island first (the biggest one that I’ve already made until now) and I shot with Pris almost all the scenes, divided in 2 sessions.
2 Later we made the sex scenes at the office.
3 I called to Hard and Spirit for the pics at Retroville and then at the office.
4 I made the last pics inside the house with Pris and we remade a couple of pics on the rock, because I wanted to try a different illumination.
5 Finally when I got all what I needed from my team, I made the pics where I appear alone or with Paperbot.

Did your co stars have any idea of the real plot of the comic? lol

They always have a clue, but not the whole details to try to give them a surprise. And it always worked.
For example Pris knew it that we will have scenes in the island and in the office, but she didn't know about the dream, or how both sets connects each other.
Hard and Spirit knew about the pics at Retroville and that in the story that would be the final “real world” after each dream.

How long did it take for you to shoot the various scenes in world?

I think that it was 6 days (non consecutive days). I’m not counting the time it took me to build the sets. I always depend of the availability of my co­stars. For example one day Pris only had 40 minutes and other day she stayed 3 hours. Hard was available but Spirit not (and vice versa), so we had to find a proper time to have both available.
I always care about of the details. For example a hand inside a body (like a ghost) can ruin your pic.

Any particular scene you favour over others? Can be for 'artistic' merits or ....could have been really really hot to shoot. Just your personal favourite.

I liked a lot the last pics on the rock (page 20-­21) because the illumination I got there and because it looks really hot with me banging and cumming inside Pris hehe.
I also liked that one where she is standing and bends to suck while I'm sitted on the rock (page 15). I saw a similar pose on a rl porn (hey! I have to research, lol) and I thought it was a cool angle. Finally the last pic at the house (page 61) has good shadows and it's incredible hot, hehe. Pris loved that one too.

Any particular 'backstge' story of something that happened through the production? Some funny interruption, a sim closing, anything that made you ditch photos...

I don't think there is a particular story, except that I had to modify the whole place where I live to create the set of the island. Also it was really great to work with Hard and Spirit. They both are a great couple. And of course it's always a pleasure (and very stimulating) to work with Pris.

Tell us a bit, if you wish, about the tools you use to put together and produce a comic magazine.

Well once I had the idea (that is very important), the script and all the production stuff (the sets, props and poses) I test different light effects and camera angles, this is my base to get good pics, because later the post edition work only will highlight what I got in world. If you have a bad picture, the photoshop can't save you.
So what I do with Photoshop is fix a little the colors and smooth the bodies when I see weird lines or body parts that have a tip (like a triangle).
Once all the pics are ready I make a layout of the pages with Comic Life and add the speech bubbles with the dialogues that I previously made in the script.
Finally I export all the images to PDF and upload it to Issuu, and that's it, ready to promote it.

Any final words for your (and our) readers?

Thanks to all for you preference. I always appreciate your comments and favorites, it's the best reward for all the hard work. If you ever have an idea for a story, feel free to share it and I can include you in the credits.

And thank you guys for reading. Looking forward to learn more about your projects, always!

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