Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ashina Gallery presents....Pornstars Facials - Special Gallery! #5



A special edition of the special Gallery that the Sexiest® blog brings you from time to time.

SL is full of beautiful avatars with hot bodies and largely interchangeable limbs and organs in mesh form, so what in the end makes us all special are personality and 'character'. And it shows often in the looks too. A portrait tells a lot about the model, and the photographer too, and it's my absolute pleasure to feature the beauty of some of you in this type of post.

What makes this gallery post special, is that half of it springs from the decision Melinakis took, to hold her second exhibition at her gallery : theme is, portraits! Many of the pics she has on display you won't find on her flickr (thanks for the kind cooperation in publishing a few in exclusive for the blog) and so you just HAVE to visit there. Don't wait any longer, except of course the time it takes you to finish browsing this post. Credits are in fact at the bottom.

  Lunedor close upChrissy...more to come Anyka... Just Junah.... Zuby Beauty Chloeglow Scarlettcloseup Ceri rain Quinfinal Vixeee tassanewest

For more of the exhibition, visit Ashina Gallery:

But let's see now some more Sexiest® members captured by the camera....

The Pier Ayara (6.14.14) Thinking Summer (how very creative) Meg Corral Tender - Partee II Hey you, call me :) Snapshot_019 Lona
Portraits: Melina

On this gallery:
 - from Melinakis, opening pic with her and Ashlynn Jameson, Lunedor Oryl, Chrissy Zipper, Anyka Aiséirí, Junah, Zuby Gloom, Chloe Cotton, Scarlett Foxx, Ceri Qinan, Quin Tachikawa, Vixeee, and Tasanee.
 - from others: Rose Sketching (by Graham Collinson), Ayara Illios (by Kei Frequency), DarkAngel69 Vig (by Charles Parker), Carth Menna, Meg Corral, Parthenea Mytilene (by Graham), Delicence, Christina Vilda, Lona Lenroy (by Arnno Planer), Melinakis (by Marika Blaisdale).

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