Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sucu's Succubus

Lord of hell 1

I overslept for my early Sunday morning post, but still, in blasphemous fashion, it is my pleasure to bring you some of the hot, and I mean HOT as HELL (get it? get it? Subtle joke, I know) pics from Sucu Uriza's latest sets after her return. Featuring as always Zas Hermano, but also mr. Draven Starflare, aka wolf. Reminded me of that time when she was skimming through the Necronomicon, and...

Anyway, check out her Flickr, full of awesome pictures, so original and well designed. And pretty darn nawty. Like that time with the werewolf, when... Ooookay, enjoy!

Lord of hell 3

Lord of hell 4

Súcubo y esclavos

Sucubo in hell

Sucubus 1

Sucubus 2

Sucubus 3

Sucubus 5

Reina del El Necronomicón

Jugando con El Necronomicón 09

Jugando con El Necronomicón 11

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