Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Aug 3

We're playing through...

Welcome to your Sunday Official Pornstars® Gallery. Have you had a relaxing Sunday? There are many many ways to do that, as you know. One possible way is presented in the fantastic picture by the incomparable Angeli Optera. Doesn't make you want to grab the wood and bury your balls in some holes? Or play golf?

But there are many other ways, and without fail you'll get ideas from the Sexiest® pictures seen here. Such as: Melinakis featuring Iris Sweet and Cally Ormega, Fleur Coco by Graham Collinson, Sassy Lexenstar, Anita Dark and an anatomically correct horse, an anatomically correct Cathari Runo by Junah, Krystal Steal with Carly Mode. Then time for doubles: Dollface Deviant, the yummy Elmaria Barbosa, and Erika Thorkveld. Then: Hans Goosson with Bamboo Barnes, Eva Brunswick and her fans (no really: actual fans, things you swing around), and we move towards the finish line with one really creative photoshoot by the brilliant Whimsical Aristocrat, featuring Zigs. And to write the words 'The End" on this post, seems only fitting to have the eponymous pic by Woozer Paule. Sure that it will be sooner or later retconned into a 'To be continued'. Have a great rest of the weekend.

Sailing... Wasting My Young Years @India Shadow Cathari Closest Kiss Waiting. Savour3 Decadence. Decadence Pt2. Cloning Unexpected Results - Subby clone Cloning Unexpected Results - Whory clone Look At Me fans_002 fans_001 ZZ Rider 03 ZZ Rider 02 ZZ Rider 01 The end ..O E M

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