Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Aug 2

Kei (7.27.14)

We have a weekend on our hands, and a new Official Pornstars® Gallery. I don't know about you, but I have tried Kei Frequency's suggested 'Weekend Relaxation Techniques', and I must say, it worked. To help perform it, I put together a gallery full of sexy. Sexiest®, even! Look at it with me, will ya?

Beginning with the 'Strappy times' Melinakis has with her Ashlynn, and going on with Cindy Starostin's boytoy, Strawberry Singh's shower (featuring mr. Rogan Diesel himself), two super cute pics by the sensual Beca Staheli, and one by Tulips19 Bombastic. We have Parthenea Mytilene in glam stripper mode in 3 pics, and another 3 from the ever creative Scarlett Foxx, portraying Kelli Kristan in the first 2 and a stunning Chloe Cotton in the third.
More? Sure: Bewitched Difference in da pink, err, dark, twice, a woman I admire very much in Beth MacBain, another impeccable shot by LovelessDoll Claven, Jodi Sharple in one of the many shots taken by the notorious Graham Collinson, and finally, TexasRob McRae showing once more Dani, in a series of beatiful modeling poses. Have a great time!

strappy times... BoyToy Through the Shower Door Lingirie Boys Boy's Playroom ι goттa мaĸe a conғeѕѕιon ι'м proυd oғ all тнιѕ вaѕѕ coυld yoυ pυт ιт ιn yoυr ғace Kelli kristan Kelli Kristan-Jameson chloe laying around b&w

da dark....


da dark....
Touch Me _LuvB__Feet_up new Jodi Sharple Dani_017

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