Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Pornstars Rack : August Magazines !!1!

So as announced, obviously today we talk about

BUSTed Magazine

BUSTed August Issue

Been to the Busted party yesterday? It was spectacular, I am told ! Anyway, if you couldn't make it to the party (like me...sniff), you can stil entertain yourself perusing the actual magazine. Which as usual is one quality mag.

I like turtles!

Busted as always packs an impressive foliage, comparable to top RL publications. Variety and quantity of fashion and 'lifestyle' informations are great, and it always makes for a compelling read. As two examples, the Wardobe section by Tara Asamoah, with top quality pics by Rachel, and the new installmente of the 'Battle of the Boobs' in-depth review and comparison. Which also features as one of the models Whimsical Aristocrat, one of the bodytypes you wouldn't normally see in Busted !

A randomly picked reader's contribution from this issue. Aren't these two cute?

But of course what was most anticipated about this issue is the fact that it's a Readers Special. So it has heaps of contributions from quality photographers , and dozens of hot models. Particularly impressive has been the contribution of Marika Svenson, in her photoshoot with Iris Sweet, Nina Fearne and Parthenea Mytilene. Simply check out the issue: do I really have to tell you that you can find in it the likes of Acey, Asarisunshine, Carmen Luscious, Colleen Criss, Desiree Loxely, a great shoot by Dominic Dawes, Marika Blaisdale, Melinakis, Nikki Catteneo, Vixeee, No, right? Well I did it anyway. And that's just the Sexiest group members, really. Shots such as Irori from Puffy's are of the highest quality and you will find a lot to appreciate in this very special issue.

 Dorza dons the bikini look, not sure when she will be able to do the same in Canada.

The only sad note in this brilliant issue, full of announcements of exciting projects and renewals of what is already a well oiled machine, is the fact that one of the historic contributors of the magazine, Dorza Silveira, is going to take a break for a while. We say farewell to her with a nice tribute by Colleen Criss and some pics from Dorza herself. And with hopes to have her back in the future.

The sexy Falcon is in this issue too. Thank you Rachel for providing the pictures to use in this post.

I will speak again of sad goodbyes in a moment, but to end on a positive, just in case you didn't get the message: Go get Busted! Visit their new location, grab the issue from there, the new group notices, even the Pornstars group history! You won't be disappointed.

Ok now, I have to talk also about...

Lust Magazine

August Issue 2014

Eh well, I hoped i would never have to write this, but sadly... Barrett's foreword for this issue is:

"Hi Lust Readers, 

After 26 publications about the magazine, Lust Magazine XXX will take a long break based on Real Life . I think it is not necessary to explain the demands of Real Life because we all know that Real Life is always a priority. 
The big question. Lust magazine XXX back in the future to Second Life? 
The big answer: I don't know. "

Well, shucks! I so hope the answer will turn out to be a big YES, because I kinda had it in my bucket list, to be interviewed for Lust. But it also says....

"I do not promise anything, but we can be positive. 
I hope you enjoyed all our publications and our work 


 And thank you of course to Barrett and all the past and current amazing contributors of Lust, such as Berry Ixtar, Quinn Ying, Trysten, Roxxy Mixmaster et cetera. You can read the current , latest, and hopefully not last issue as usual at, with an interview to welcome returning guest Shy Furlough and Partee's fashion report. The whole archive of it is still online, and I reccomend you to read some and experience 26 issues of excellent photography, entertaining interviews and lots of fashion tips and erotic stories.

But for a magazine that is gone (on hiatus), new ones will be born! For instance,


PLAYHERM - Don't miss the next issue!
The cover advertises 32 whole pages of Erika Thorkveld, and I can tell you: not a single ad.

The pros: amazing lineup of articles. Magazine editor, cover model, photographer, publisher, founder, owner, co-owner, writer, graphic designer, executive producer, assistant secretary, papergirl and clean- up lady Erika Thorveld brings her amazing expertise to the table (and other horizontal surfaces).
The deep-throating lessons are a must (with her penis size it's easy to get mistaken and turn it into a nose-picking session), and so the lessons for becoming a herm yourself (you might want to have handy some vinyl glue, a spam mail filter, and the phone number of the closest traumatology center before you try them at home, tho). And finally, Alex in action again!

The cons: The non-existance of the magazine might be off-putting to some. Ah well. Nobody's perfect.

Please feel free to contact me in world about your magazine, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. Priority will be given to those who actually exist. Thank you!

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