Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack - Catching up !

We've got a brand new oldie! It's of course

The Living End

The Living End Issue 3

Yes! From my backlog of publications yet to cover, one from April 1950. Hey, I was busy watching I love Lucy and then Bonanza, ok?

Ok, now let's leave it to Beav...err, Spirit and her introduction:

Beautiful Be!

"Available now! A magazine dedicated to vintage glam/fetish/cheesecake! Click on the board outside Studio Haute Demure in Retroville, or the sign in the bus station (the landing point) or in the Retroville Social Club....orrrr....IM me in world for your free copy! Issues 1 and 2 can still be received by clicking the poster on the wall inside the doors at Studio Haute Demure in Retroville."

( Incidentlally, let me add that kiosks are avalaible for your own sim too if you want: just ask Spirit.)

The Living End

Ravishing Ravi!

"In this Issue:

Bewitched Difference, Rachel Swallows, Gia Nikai, Dizzy Kit, Ravi Redfield, Willo Portland."

Ratcheting Rachel! ...ok, I got at least 2 out of 3, come on.

Once more, Mrs. Demure covered all the basis, and I am left here saying "Oh I love it!". But yes, I do!
You can see there's just a lot of fun and potential going into this type of shoot, with titillating and cheeky views of lovely models. Here true to the blog I show you the sexy (Sexiest!) pornstars you will find in this issue, Be(witched Difference), Rachel SwallowsRavi Redfield, but I enjoyed a lot all of the photoshoots here, and the perfect stylization adds to it immensely. So, big props again to Spirit and Hard Rust for the terrific work with photography, the layout and the whole Retroville concept (you heard of the Photo Contest, btw, right?), and...

Ohh, I kinda left a bit out from that Flickr intro!

"If you are interested in appearing in the next issue, please send me a message either here, or in world and I will send you details. Thanks!"

And now my own bit!

If you are featured or produce a SL Magazine, I wanna know about it! Send me stuff about it!

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