Tuesday, June 2, 2015

'BubbleYumBum' by .DOOM.

You surely can believe it, DD's got some skillz!

.DOOM. BubbleYumBum

Now, I think I should just ...post the lyrics to the song of this music porn vid from .DOOM. , because it's...really the best possible comment to what you see in here. I wish I could get James Lipton to recite them.

What a glorious assfest this vid is. Can you see a pattern there? Not that the other bodyparts get neglected, mind you.

This video features RandomDD himself with DoubleDeez and Krissy Hazelnut, and if that's the kind of view he gets up in the morning to, he probably did not really need the birthday cake to celebrate. How much yum can a guy get in a day? Come on, overkill.

from DoubleDeez by Wolvern Barbosa

Intermission. We resume the movie coverage with RandomDD eating some pie.

But(t) yes, that's the video. It's full of ass. Bubblier than champagne, and with sparkling visuals. Again, the biggest compliment I can pay to this production is simply showing you some -keeping in mind my screenshots are a step down in quality from the real thing in HD- and just tell you to go watch it.

It's a music video, after all, and you'll get to read more about how productions like this are put together later on on this blog. Have a great time perving this superbly shot buttstravaganza, and catch you after the jump!

Video after the jump! Write me if you'd like to be featured on the blog: there's so much to cover every day, and having your help and know you like to be featured helps me putting together the posts.

Thank you, and enjoy!

.DOOM. BubbleYumBum powered by XTube


  1. I really like your bog style Kat - good work and sexy video!

  2. omg i reallly love that video , that its hot