Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Domino's Scrapbook

Hi y'all!
As you slide down the page to take in the eye candy (and thanks for doing that!) I got a few things to say since I have been asked something along these lines several times.
First off, a little history, for context.

Cream Release


Back when I first showed up on the adult scene, I was totally lost. There were a few people that were willing to help me along, but for the most part, I was met with silence and people that dangled a modeling gig in front of me if I was willing to spread my thighs first.

Envy Watts

Paradise Enchanted

I was about to pitch the whole adventure and go back to my DJing and hosting, when I discovered The Sexiest group and fired off an IM to some gal named Serenity that seemed to be in charge.
I didn't expect an answer, and I didn't just get one ... I got a whole conversation from someone that didn't know me a bit. And a newb on the scene to boot! Serenity not only took the time to explain the ways of the community, but listened to what I thought as basically an outsider. Not just once, but many times I called on her and she always answered. I am proud to call her my friend and when it appeared she needed a little help with the Sexiest blog, I volunteered.

Bella Ferrari

Krystal Steal

Secondly, I think this blog, The Sexiest, is a blog the community at large simply needs!! For nothing other than the time it takes to join, someone has a powerful blog to use to spread the word about the things they do. Doesn't matter if you have a blog, make a movie or just post on Flickr Now imagine it wasn't here. You could post in your studio/mag group, and ... well. And if like me, you are mostly a solo act, the challenge to be seen would be rather daunting.

with Sasquatch Rhino

with Mr. Jackson

I am all about seeing the community flourish, I have said time and again that a high tide raises all ships. The Sexiest blog, like the spoke of a giant wheel has the ability to connect us all and bring about that tide.
Now the question; I did not quit nor get removed from the blog. I am in a bit of a time crunch and didn't feel as though I could continue to do a fair job on the galleries. At about the same time Ali Lancrae joined in and I passed the torch. I'm smart like that, because she is doing a wonderful job, along with Moonie.

with Sil

with Nakuru Bergamasco

 I am very much still a part of this awesome blog along with some great people, like Katina Cazalet, who I think is by far the BEST of the adult community bloggers. Her style of writing, her ability to create a post mixing both visuals and the written word and her unbiased drive to draw attention to members of the community is simply astounding. 

Si De Brit


Sounds like I'm a cheerleader for the blog, lol, and I am. And for the adult entertainment community in general and each and every one of you that takes the time to share your work with the rest of us, because it all of this goes hand in hand. Peace out!

Reina Alice

Leannan Wolfgang

My little blog, now known as Erotica Unbound, and I'll explain why over there, can be found here.
My Flickr, with well over 1,000 photos, is stashed at Domino Dupre's Flickr
Y'all stay sexy!!!!!!!

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