Wednesday, June 10, 2015

'Glass Candy' by .DOOM.

You will want to chew on this candy, even if it's a Glass Candy !

.DOOM. Glass Candy

It's always a good rule to be wary of excess of superlatives, both for those who read them, but also for those who write them down. Should you believe the hype, reader, and do I get boring waxing lyricals ? Well, tell you what: once more a .DOOM. production gets released, and I can let images speak for themselves !

Which they don't , actually. Not entirely, because the dynamic use of light effects can't be captured in static screenshots. In perfect .DOOM. tradition, the video is so slick and crisp clean even in the darker atmosphere the previous 'BubbleYumBum' was a break from.

I have a pretty neat interview with mr. RandomDD himself lined up for publication, where he shared a lot of useful information and provided a great insight to the moviemaking process. It was nice to peek at some of his earlier work thanks to it and catch the seeed (ahem!) there of his highly cinematic way of shooting vids.

But with the visual orgy of ultra-hot goodiness that this movie is, I am just gonna stun you with some more screenshots for now. The cast of this video has further expanded: VenomVixxen appears in this video together with Krissy Hazelnut and Double Deez.

Of course RandomDD stars as the male lead, and well, his appearance is just as you would introduce the charismatic hero in an action movie.

Lots of 'action in this flick, obviously! Which is quite amazing. The pose fit is pretty darn good, which with 4 well built avis is NOT something easy to have, and once more the music is the appropriate complement to what happens on screen. What else to add? It's a strong, hot porn full of horny poses, rich in visuals and glitter even in a seedy, decadent atmosphere of a smokey club. Grand but never baroque, it's lustful from beginning to end.

So, this is the end of the post now, and you haven't seen the movie yet? Look at dem bewbz and asses move, dayum! Yes, i am closing on a little low brow note, I know, but heck, as much as I can laud the superb direction of the music video, never forget this is a friggin hot porn, so just GOooooooo watch it! Enjoy.

Video after the jump! I want to feature you on the blog if you do movies, or any other project you'd like to share. So ENJOY!

.DOOM. Glass Candy powered by XTube

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