Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello! Pornstars 1 Jun 2015

A very intense week of parties just ended! And I love to see photos from them all! A great way to be seen and noticed, or just to meet and hang out outside of our contacts through the chat and Flickr and the sorts.

We had a particularly active paparazzo one week from now at the Sunday's pool party at Erotique! Which was brightened (literally!) by the presence of such international stars as Ingrid Lindström from MILF!
So, good chance to post a bunch of those!

Enjoy the photos, be ready for more to come, and oh please, do send my way your own party photos! We love to perv what you have been up to! :p

Have fun!

And as I said before, remember, if you have Pornstars party photos, even raw shots you don't want to put on your precious flickr, feel free to toss them my way, I'll be happy to feature at least some! We love to see every nawty detail!

You'll even get a fancy Pornstar® Paparazzi tag in the group! :p
Stay pervy!

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