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The Pornstars' Rack: Plus Sized Magazines!

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COVER - june2015

Guess who came back for its second issue? Yes, it's Jazmyn Storm's lovechild, the most bountiful mag currently on the SL scene. Playhouse!
In case you forgot about the first issue and somehow missed the owner Jazmyn Storm's notices in group (Which is bad, as she gives you chances to be featured in the magazine), Playhouse is an erotic magazine who manages in just one issue to outdo in foliage just about all the other magazines... combined.

And she is hungry for more.

That's not just by bringing something not often featured these days in magazines (altho, expect a comeback soon...) which is erotic stories and readers' mail...although for sure if you are interested in erotic prose, you are getting a lot of mileage out of an issue. No, the bulk of the magazine is the visual titillation, and most importantly, bringing talent out in the open and giving them a chance to shine. But oh, back to the writing for a moment...there is also some monetary incentive for your writing efforts, in the form of a contest. Find ALL the details in the magazine.

078 - june2015

In a lovely shot at Elysion, Crystal Bourjade

I am very pleased to see in this issue Sexiest Pornstars group members on the rise or that simply never get the chance to be under a photographer lens as much as they would deserve. Crystal Bourjade, JJ 'Jill' Gossamer, Mandylovsyou. And many many other non 'pornstars' who I am sure we'll see around the scene soon, perhaps getting noticed exactly thanks to the spreads here.

099 - june2015

Finding a comfortable pillow for the model is always important. Jill Gossamer was lucky here.

That's without mentioning names that have already appeared in plenty magazines and are so well known on the scene. Such as the very unlikely 'Invisible Girl' Rachel Avro, and the cover girl and Pet of the Month winner of this issue, CherishSky.

Even masked , we recognize you, Rache!

To embellish further the issue, you have also the contribution of an accomplished artist such as Whimsical Aristocrat, in a sensuous shoot featuring herself, Tammy Jones, Larry Vinaver and Rob Roxley in an 'Eyes Wide Shut' type of setting.

the Initiate 011

"That's much better than the Kubrick movie" "Yes bro, but have you seen the Miss Emily version?"

The amount of work that went into this magazine is huge, even more impressive considering what went between the two issues, with Jazmyn having to 'start over' with a new avatar - JazmynCrystalStorm is the one to contact now for you, mark the name down. As you can imagine for someone with so much involvement, contacts, assets, having to 'reboot' is no easy task.

- Hey, my eyes are UP HERE! 

With best wishes for the next issue, I find no better way to celebrate Jazmyn's feats than directing you to the appearance she made in the work of another one of the most hardworking people in porn, not to mention possibly the best adult blogger on the scene - not saying that just to exchange pleasantries since she said something to the same effect about myself recently from these pages.
So, here you have a couple of the shots from the Erotica Unbound website, featuring Jazmyn, by Domino Dupre. Including her writeup, which is as usual quite fitting.

Erotica Unbound IX The featured model is more than just another pretty face. Jazmyn Storm recently launched Playhouse Magazine and it is a monster of a project she has on her hands.

Erotica Unbound IX 
300 pages of deliciousness in the last issue with Storm doing everything from layout to photography.

Erotica Unbound IX
I'm in awe of that type of dedication and thrilled to have her appear on Erotica Unbound

 Now after Domino's words who sum up everything much more smoothly (also with quite the lovely visual aid!), and with further reccomendation to get a copy of the magazine contacting JazmynCrystalStorm Resident for any inquiry, the only thing missing to this post, is of course to tell you, once more....

 Are you in a SL Magazine? I need to know all about it !Hit me up with a message in world or here, and I'll make a post about it, if it's of any relevance to our Pornstars community! Thanks!

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