Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wanna Flick? Beginnings

Today, a look at more debuting directorial efforts! Beginning with...

The Beach

Carla Draesia is a very well known name in our porn circles, who also got nice recognition earlier this year in the 'SL Adult Industry Awards', and you just have to check out her flickr to see her sport in the header that fancy title. Carla appeared in many videos through her career, most notably by fellow frenchie Omer Smithson, but this marks her debut as director!

The Beach

You followers of her flickr I am sure will recognize in the video the familiar setting of her eponymous beach, where this time you get to admire her plentiful curves in motion. She likes to try different angles and views: I especially appreciated the great camera transition with the appearance of her dildo, but in general if you like curves, you have much to eye up.

And just as I was thinking that the video was going to be 15 minutes of self-pleasuring (then again, when you have a body like Carla's, I am sure it's easy to be carried away by all the fondling), here comes a new challenger! 

So in this directorial debut, we get to see BBC action, courtesy of Carla's co-star in this, 'Prince' Stephen Darnay. Congrats to Carla for this first video, and if she gets to be nearly as prolific in movies as she is with photos, we might have a long list of actors with a big grin on their face!

Or any compatible facial expression. Maybe next time will be in HD too, Carla's body deserves the detail!

In more debut news, this also happened:

The Video "Two Mules for Sarah" is my first attempt at producing a video in Second Life. Please check it out, and I do hope that you enjoy it.

Two Mules for Sister Sarah

I am really pleased to see newcomers and fresh faces, and there's some hot sexy action in this debuting effort by Zepp Zander  Based on a photo he posted on Flickr, it's a good example of how a hot idea can work in both formats and be expanded: this could have easily been a hot photoset with few more shots, but actually translated nicely in animated form.

Two Mules for Sister Sarah

Photo above by Sarah Novalie herself

Featuring Zepp himself, Mordicai Fall and of course 'sister' Sarah Novalie, it's a thresome video and a solid debut in an all-sex flick. Another director with a photography background, Zepp picks his shots nicely and knows when to stop the camera spin on a good view.

As my dear friend and director Erika Thorkveld noted, the shots from below are hot! That's why I miss seeing her at Pornstars parties where I can peek up her skirt. Ah, I am getting off going off on a tangent here now.

Congrats again to those involved, and I hope Zepp will try and expand more of his photos ideas in filmed format, the results are encouraging!

And lastly, for people who want to start with something even more simple, a couple screenshots from a little test video, static camera position, just eyecandy. Check out the lovely results when it's multitalented and multifaceted pornstar AJ Zimermann dancing in front of the camera and filming herself.

Sometimes, a video is all it takes to be noticed, and I hope more will come from it!
Unlike what happened to the dude that sings the song she dances to. 

 So! Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you soon.

Make movies! Be in movies! Produce them, brainstorm them, help make things happen, and I'll surely see you on these pages. Hit me up with a gentle swat of the toosh if somehow I forgot about your appearance, too! Watch the vids after the jump now!

The Beach 

Two Mules For Sarah 

Angy's test clip 

Watch that one on Flickr!

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