Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wanna Flick? Hot places to stop at

How about some movies? Why not, I'd say. And today, let's have a look at...

Easy Rider

Above: promo photo featuring Carly Mode, Rob Roxley, Meg herself

Meg Corral is a name you all are familiar with, and her production company HBIC is certainly very active. It's good to see another movie by Meg herself after In Lust, and the theme is a popular and sexy one she certainly has a fair experience with. I mean, just check out her flickr for all those sexy photos of her great rides, and I am not even making double entendrees about that!


Ready To Ride

Ah, I am gettin carried away. So what do we begin with, the cast? The synopsys? Both!

"A late night at the diner, leads to so much more! Rockabilly style themed film, (there was color tv mid to late 50s in the USA, just throwing that out there before anyone says there was no color tv then lol) "

Sheesh, who would nitpick at something so silly like small factual errors in SL porn? Bah, people can be strange, good that Meg anticipated that!

2.40  $ for a cheeseburger in the 50s? It's clearly too much!  I can't watch the movie anymore now!

Jokes aside, I do want to point out that the movie has the setting just right: the rockabilly theme and 50s setting is growing more and more popular and it's great to see how everyone in the movie looks like they belong in the very evocative scenario. Big props to the whole cast for it.

Of course with special mention to the 'main' cast in sex roles. They really shine: sex shows off very crisply, with no clipping through the sex and at least one money shot (not meaning it literally, but there is also that!) for every sequence.

The movie is really entertaining to watch: a lot happens, with a lot of characters who make their appearance and share screen time, retaining the focus on the protagonists when needed. The fact it put together so many people is a testament to the producing ability of Meg.

If I had any criticism to move to the movie, it's that of course we'd all would have loved more Meg in it, but she is specializing in those quirky Hitchcock-like cameos, and I can respect that!

On a completely unrelated note, Dillon juuuuuuust released his new movie

Eh, what can I say about it. It's such a sappy flick. It's Carly and him. They go aboard their Citroen (!) in a romantic trip to Shithole Nebraska, or White Pine Bay Oregon, I don't think they say it explicitly, and stop at this motel, where they have sex.

Dillon and Carly are a great on-screen couple as ever, and this movie has all the trademarks of a Dillon movie, except he doesn't air-guitar in this one. The flick moves along perfectly with the soundtrack, again a hugely popular pop song.

It's all good and nice, but surely this movie could have used a little more tension and unpredictability. Oh well, I do love romantic movies and happy endings, so...

Oh, I see Be is in the cast as well, but I must have missed her. Well, tell you what, go watch the movie and tell me if you can spot her, ok? She must be someplace.


Movies follow! Check them out, you might be surprised ! And write me about them, too! I LOVE to give coverage to them.

Easy Rider

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The Motel

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  1. Kat , the lightning and pose adjustments Meg has in this movie is something I hadn't see in any other porn movies. Please give her the highest congrats for this movie. Nice script and top of notch visual care. Both thumbs up! Sas.

  2. I am in da movie lol at the end sniffs