Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wanna Flick? Rising stars

Today I am showing you eclypse videos, but you don't need special glasses. Because it's a Naughty Eclipse! From a Rizing Sun! Featuring a Dark Sun! No, I assure you, I am sober.

The Workout

New and exciting movies get produced daily, and it's very nice to see a new production company on the rize, er, rise, thanks to a new director and his partner. From the group notices:

Good Day all you sexy pornstars!
I introduce to you Naughty Eclips videos! From Very Naughty Members...Check them out please. We're always looking for sexy new ppl that enjoy naughty fun & have the patience for filming...If you would like to be in a video or have questions contact BigDaddyVesVNM resident or myself! xoxo enjoy!

The notice comes from Asari Dark Sun (asarisunshine). If you are not familiar with her on Flickr yet, do have a look there. Personally I find her stream a real tonic, full as it is of snapshots from her life in SL, with heaps of fun stuff and bootylicious sexiness.

A couple months ago, her and her Daddy put up an ad looking for talent to put in Ves' new movies, and I am glad to see the results here. Here you get some screenshots from today's recent release "The Workout".

Getting hot and sweaty in the gym, a staple of porn for sure. You can also look back at other 2 videos recently uploaded, and those are....

No, it's not Yoda talk, the girl is called Wetlicks, see!
She looks hot , too, but you can see that by yourselves.

And also,

 Where the banging comes both ways, in the spirit of equality, when Ves joins the fun between Asari and her white kitty!

There's nothing much to add to the movies: especially if you are a fan of Ves and Asari's flickr adventures, you'll enjoy for sure this filmed extension of it. I especially applaud the fact that they branch out and involve more people in the project, and I look forward to see new movies from them very soon, which I'll happily chronicle here.

Stay tuned for more p0rn soon, and stay sexy! Also...

Always feel free to talk to me about your videos, I'd love to make a post about YOUR movie soon!

Thanks! Movies are after the JUMP!


The Workout 

Wetlicks Does Ves 

Banging Kitty 

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