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Izzy's Bad (and long!) Day

Oh my! Another big post about one of those Isabelle Cheviot movies! Yes, yes, but consider, it's about nearly 2 hours of footage! Because we are talking about ...

Izzy's Bad Day Part 3 - The Final Chapter

Photo by Isabelle Cheviot

Isabelle released just this one hour long flick that wraps up where part 2 ended, in sort of a cliffhanger, or a dark note if you will. But here you have her own words to sum it up.

Izzy's Bad Day Part 3 - The Final Chapter

" I really cut my teeth in SL porn working with Liam Erde in his piece 'Izzy's Bad Day - Part 1'. His vision was to do a 3 part series where the main character, Izzy, went through a series of mostly comic (and sexual) misadventures throughout her day. He finished Part 1 and then more or less left SL...Part 2 became my training film for directing and editing movies.

Screenshots from Part 1 and 2

I had it in my head to finish the series with Part 3 and even shot a few scenes with a couple of actors but got involved in other projects and let it slip for a long time. I finally picked it back up recently and worked hard to get it done.

This series is kind of special to me since it's really how I got my start and I hope you all enjoy the intentional silliness of the film. I think some of the sex scenes are among my best and all of the performers involved were wonderful to work with.

Pornstars Rachel Avro and Larry Vinaver are notable cast members of this 3rd episode

Those of you who know me well will notice that my avatar during this was my pre-mesh avy. I made the decision to stick with the old one for the sake of continuity. I consider this film the last movie I will ever make with my old avy and in a sense it's a good bye of sorts.

More screenshots from part 1&2

Please enjoy the film - its meant to be fun AND hot. It's not perfect - in watching it recently I noticed some of the captions are 'cut off' and due to its length it's a bit dark. But it's still fun to watch. :) Enjoy!" 

Sometimes dark is good. 

What am I going to add to this, my screencaps aside? I plaud the choice Isabelle made, to use for her movie for sake of continuity her 'old' avi, a choice reminiscent of Thorgal's in the SYWBAP series, to name one. The previous Izzy movies , which I am as well embedding in this post, are both funny, with nice twists, and while in some bits somehow dated in the looks of the avis like basically anything from the pre-mesh bodies era, they remain very enjoyable.

Already in her movie debut, you could see Isa employing nice visual tricks such as in the clothing change sequence, and her humour in all the dialogues.

As Isa said, the direction of the sex scenes in this third and final chapter is pretty impressive, especially in a gangbang scene which you sure need to check out!

Listing properly the large cast of the series would be arduous - although listing the character names would be pretty funny... -

...but as usual Isa wraps her stories up with proper credits and photo stills of the whole cast. One more reason for me to tell you again, to just have fun and take some time to watch the movies, in particular the third one, which remains perfectly visibile as stand-alone movie thanks to the well styled and funny opening montage.

Huge props to Isa for this massive project, that shows how much she cares about her work and giving a proper closure, and why not , happy ending to a story that needed a fitting conclusion! You didn't want poor Izzy to be stuck in jail with The Punisher, right?

So, time to perv the movie!

I wanna talk about YOUR movie too, soon! So write me and give me ideas! Thanks!

Izzy's Bad Day - The Final Chapter  

Izzy's Bad Day - Part 2 

Izzy's Bad Day - Part 1 

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