Saturday, July 4, 2015

AleXo's allegedly pure, fresh broads!

What better way to celebrate 4th of July than with our favourite Russian?

The work of veteran director Alexandr Aho is always noteworthy. Not only he is very good with the camera and always has been: he manages to give to his videos very distinct identities. Known for stark sexual imagery in the past, he recently has employed a softer tone in his 'twerk' video...and now that soft , pastel tone turns sour in these two (so far) displays of "Innocent Young Girls"

The symbolism here is obvious, but carried out very effectively! The two girls portrayed are gorgeous, and, fairly important to me, they pull off VERY well the titillating part of a 'young and innocent' look without ever being 'too much', if you get my drift. I never felt I needed to stop and have a shower after watching this...for the wrong reason, at least!

The two videos have similarities, including the, to me a bit surprising, 'happy ending' method used, but the looks of the girls alone, combined with Aho's excellent taste for a good shot, make certainly worthwhile to watch them both.

 Great looks, and the whole experience feels very fresh. That includes the soundtracks, very abstutely picked and so unconventional for a porn movie.

You've gotta love a well shot porn movie, and the setting and atmosphere makes this work quite unique in the scene at this time.

And with quality and attention to detail that will please the viewer who is looking more than 'an action vid taken in SL'.

I said it last time and I shall say it again, tho...

Doesn't he look adorable, anyway?

Enjoy the movies, after the jump!

 This is the jump, and this is where i tell you to send me info about the stuff you have been in. Because, heck, why not?

Alexo's Innocent Young Girls 1

Alexo's Innocent Young Girls 2

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