Sunday, July 26, 2015

Wanna Flick ? Baywatching...

The holidays are in full swing, and with the hot temperature, we are all dreaming of a nice bathtime. Well, a dive in the ocean might be a good idea. Or a terrible one. How are lifeguards in the porn world? Let's have a look ...

The Lifeguard

Well, as you can see by the movie poster, the first one is Dillon, in this HBIC production, featuring himself, Carly and poor victims LauraSpain Neox, Kinky Kailey, Antonio TooCool, and stunt double Scarlet.

....and a shark, of course. Yes, the movie did need a body double, because, in true Dillon-style it's so funny if hurts, of course. Especially when you watch the misfortunes of innocent bathers left to the fury of a killer fish while that grinning son of a beach of a lifeguard is busy in his cabana.

As always, Dillon is masterful in his ability to get a simple funny story through on visuals alone, thanks also to very quirky props. With the best 'special effect' being provided by the collaborative spirit of everyone in the cast, who manage to enrich every HBIC produced movie with those appropriate and colourful little roles.

Even looking sexy in the process!
Special mention to the man-eating beast with insatiable appetite.

And to the shark too of course.
So, you'll have fun watching Dillon shag his way through the clip, the bastard child of Baywatch and Jaws.

Which is not so impossible to imagine, when you consider the plot some of those episodes of Baywatch had, and what the Hoff can do when he has been hitting the booze.

But ! Staying in full Baywatch mood, and moving from one slutty blonde bimbo character to another, here we have Adele Simondsen !

... starring alongside Damien Godard !! a movie who would be worth an award just by title alone!

In the words of director Miss Emily:

A hot boring day on The World Famous Porn*Star's Beach with Adele on Lifeguard duty, that is until Damien shows up and has troubles swimming, or does he???

Filmed 5 weeks ago, this is one of those "fun" movies I like to squeeze in between Intergalactic SLUTS episodes!!

I'd chop off the quotation marks and say, fun. The first seconds of this flick already cracked me up, I admit! Of course, let's not lose touch with the important parts.

...there. It is a porn movie, and Miss Emily even in more elaborate projects like the aforementioned series or the 'big' movies never lets the story get in the way of good shagging!

The hardcore fans (or fans of the hardcore) will really enjoy seeing the two very, very, and I can't stress it enough, VERY hot protagonists have fun in the sun,

and there are majorly inspired shots here, combined with a, yes, funny, but also awfully naughty audio track.

And of course the iconic Baywatch theme, complete with slo-mo impossibly long run.

As usual, you can check on Emily's blog the high quality screenshots/movie stills  (credits to her for most of the shots used in this post) and , most importantly, the movie itself in every possible version so you don't have to struggle with any downtime sillyness.

Once more, a big thank you to Emily, simply because her website is a true example to everyone on how to present your own production...and her production is quite bounttiful! You could spend days watching all the porn she has been doing in her career. Hm, in fact, might be a good idea!
But before you do that, stock on tissues and hand lotion....

.... I mean, no! Before you do that, watch these 2 movies. They are here, after the jump, ya know? Enjoy!

And send me material and I'll gladly feature it! I want to know what have you been doing!

The Lifeguard 

The Lifeguard powered by XTube

Black Men Can't Swim, But they have BBC 


...well, it's in syndacation somewhere, I guess. Netflix. Watch Allison Pregler's 'Baywatching'.
Don't hassle the Hoff!

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