Saturday, July 11, 2015

Carly Rides It!

Today, Carly Mode's newest!

Well, damn, I already put everything in the gif, so I guess I am done here. Have a great weekend partying, everyone! The movie is after the jump and...

Nah, come on, a couple screenshots first! I do want to eat up a little space showing some freeze frame hotness here, as Carly brought us here a really neat cast.

....and Dillon.

But it's the editing part that really is the high note of this video effort. Carly put together an incredibly stylish product: I have used in the past the term "porn music video", and editing transitions to the peaks of the audio track is a very tricky but also rewarding technique that inspires directors all the time, but in case of this flick here, Carly really goes for the MTV vibe. Uh...Does MTV still exist? I am old. You know what I mean tho.

So, between dancing and lip-synch, sex transitions happens. The whole product looks really smooth and erotic, and it's amazing every time, to the point that I should stop saying at her every release, how Carly comes up with impeccable results like a consummate professional.

That probably is because despite the title, Carly rides no vehicle in this video (just dudes).
Dillon just won't let her.

For a reason.
We'll see Carly riding actual cars next time, but for now....

Want to see your movie on the blog? I know I do, so hit me up with an IM if I haven't covered it yet, and we'll arrange something!

Thanks, and now, enjoy

Ride it 

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