Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wanna Flick? Catching up with Omer

One of the things that has been happening in the world of movies, of course, is ...Omer Smithson!

Yes he does movies, he does many, and we're looking here at the latest. It has sex, drugs, and Dat Ass. Do we really need Rock 'n Roll too?

Partee already worked in the past with Omer: I had to chuckle here because that lovely blonde not only has the intelligence of (pocket) rocket scientist, but she is also like, in the Spec Ops of porn modeling. A real trooper, Partee managed to star in this movie through the wonders of those things kids these days carry with them all the way. Cellophones or something. I have seen her in action, and if you need a model who does always her best under any condition, that's of course her.

Insider stuff aside, just have a look at Omer's endeavours here. He picks really hot girls for his stuff, simply can't go wrong as long as he he shows what these hot models have to offer

And I offer you another couple of rather fine examples. This movie,

with none other than the sexy Brat Amanda. Amanda is a well known figure for our blog audience and flickerites in general. And she is really easy on the camera lens as well, making for some really neat shots in one of Omer's videos with the best closeups.

 Omer obviously likes to keep himself clean, just check his filmography.

Amanda's cute sexy self shines in this production, but in general the setting works really nicely, and Omer has a few really inspired shots here.

Want one more curvy girls from Omer's video portfolio? Well, there's that sexy Francesca already seen here on the blog few times!

Again a very effective video from Omer. In a more abstract setting, but you'll find the action being very much 'naturalistic'!

Lovely colours here, and the animations work very well creating a fun and naughty vid for your enjoyment! I am not posting many screenshots of this because I want you to discover it bit by bit. After the jump you'll find them embed, and linked. Hit HD for the better quality, on NM. So...

....don't be shy and write me about your movies!  

Thanks, and now, enjoy ! 

Sex Drugs & Rock'n Roll 

Naughty Bath 

Booty Sex 

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