Monday, July 6, 2015

Wanna Flick? Early July Edition

My health is a bit precarious these days (nothing bad, don't save prayers just yet!), and I have a bit catchup to do on pre-award movies! But today, to make things worse, I am gonna tackle 2 flicks that are as recent as it gets. First of all, gonna tell you to watch...

You can guess what inspired this movie from the title already, and if that's not a clue big enough, just peek at the song credits. But actually, the movie started as a challenge by director Marika Blaisdale to herself (you know she loves challenges), about making a whole POV movie. The title, and the inspiration about the trippy style of the flick, simply worked themselves into her vision for the movie.

Well, I am quite close to the source, but I am not reviewing or judging here: I simply point out what you can easily see yourselves. Not gonna post a lot of screenshots to avoid spoiling it to you, but I do believe you'll find the style of the shoot extremely original, energetic, and immersive.

Also, I can't help but being thrilled about the choices for the cast, with 2 greats of photography never used enough in movies,

and a variety of other people brought in for the group scene, including poledancers Kei Frequency and Erika Thorkveld, and dancing patrons Sweet Melons and Dea DeSantis.

Check it out, and you'll see what makes me so excited about it, and movies who try new approaches in general!

Well, BESIDES the fact that I am in it and get some action, of course!

Now, another movie my partner is a big fan of and she planned some scenes about is a true classic of modern day cinema. And Dillon brings us his version of it! Sort of!

Starring himself as the super sayan version of the only celebrity that would have been ideal to host the Sexiest Awards, and Bewitched Difference as the second coming of Uma Thurman (might be me, but I think her acting career flourished just as Uma's stalled...coincidence?).

As in Dillon's movies, you can expect a cool soundtrack, a very effective montage, and in this case, also Be's sexy ass, instead of Carly's sexy ass.

You won't find him performing his patented wanking here, but he's probably saving up for the next one.

Watch the movie if you are into sexy asses (not right now...why are you reading this blog in the middle of anal? sheesh!), soft lights, a hot girl and a guy with a skinny butt whose nickname is, apparently "Dillydong".

 Jump past here and watch them movies!
I tell you!

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