Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dillon's Black And White Affairs!

Today, we are in a b&w mood. Apparently, Dillon has, with two recent flicks from him using that technique. Let's see...We have these 2 productions from HBIC:

The inspiration for those 2 movies is very different. 'Carjacking strippers' is one homage to Russ Meyer's cinema and from its very plot you can see the 'Faster Pussycat Kill Kill' inspiration. He would have loved the direct title as well.

Whereas, "A night in Paris" obviously takes inspiration from the sex tape of the Hilton heiress from Madonna's 'Justify my love'. Again done in Dillon's style.

That's the thing for both movies: Dillon has a fervid imagination, and he never tries to truly recreate a SL version of something already existing, but rather captures the inspiration and mood of the source material. Altho, it's amazing to me how consistently he manages to put together this kind of productions finding exactly what is needed to make the homage work.
He obviously is very creative when it comes to finding excuses to get laid. I have no other explanation.

The fact he features a gazillion other people in his stuff is just an elaborate cover-up.

The two movies here are obviously different in tone.
'Carjacking strippers' is a fun romp for sure. It has 3 very hot angels protagonists in Be, Barbie, and Carly, with Antonio and Dillon to fill the male quota.

The eyecandy factor is very high, and sex is aplenty, carrying on the plot in a very effective way thanks to the editing choices. Again, I know that this might sound silly, being a dialogue-less SL porn parody of a movie universally known as being exploitation at its finest, but the characters here are a very strong point. Just watch the movie and tell me if I am wrong, I think Dillon really showcased the girls very well, and they put together a fantastic look for this.

It's a very entertaining journey, with at the end through the credits a quite sizeable blooper reel. Because we all know that driving in SL can be fairly tricky.

Most blatant nipple slip ever!

As for 'A night in Paris', the movie credits itself with a large cast, and each and every one brings something to the final product, which much alike the original ends up presenting a potpourri of erotic imagery with a dream-like quality.

 Altho, interestlingly enough, in the visual narrative of this vid, the POV, or rather, the focus, shifts continuously, instead of being centered on one protagonist.

To use a less convoluted wording, there is not a real 'Madonna' in this vid (even if Carly cites her look explicitly - and is prettier :p), and if I had to pick a protagonist, I'd go with the hotel itself, stage of the various kinky scenes where the various actors alternate their perfomances.

It's very much a team movie, with a solid and imaginative direction that allows all the ensemble to shine and display some great looks, such as Meg's, Rachel's, Carly's, etc etc. The full cast in order of appearance is: Carly Mode, Sweet Mels, Rachel Avro, Dillon himself, Melany Herrera, Ravenman Skwer, some French sounding git whose name I can't read, Rein, Meg Corral, MW Jonson, Jessie R.

 So, time to check the movies out, right? What's holding you?

 Hit me up inworld so we can arrange a post about your work! Because you know I love to cover what you do!

Carjacking Strippers 

Car Jacking Strippers powered by XTube

A Night In Paris 

A Night in Paris powered by XTube

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