Friday, July 31, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: Magazines with a cause

Have you checked out July's...

Pro*vocative Magazine

PRO•vocative Magazine July 2015

Pro*vocative came out this month thanks to the excellent work from members of our porn community, with their look at more 'mainstream' artists, panoramic sims, fashion. As usual, it's a testament to the skills and taste of those responsible to put together this magazine that aims to deal with arts and lifestyle using style and class, yet from the perspective of certified adult stars and nawty minds.

Gorgeous model EmeeLee Ember in all her sparkling beauty, in this outtake from Spirit's shoot with her

From the photo work of Ali Lancrae with beautiful girls riding big and exciting shiny things (and looking ready to pump it back up if they get a flat), and sim-sighting, to the always exciting fashion reports by Partee (this time hooked up with none other than Tara Asamoah), to the first rate photography (this time also with a patriotic view) by Addy Summerwind and Spirit Eleonara, everyone does a marvellous job putting together a complete magazine experience. That of course including Rosa and her interviews and editorial choices, placing also together a great selection of photos from the readers.


From Charles Parker, a gorgeous portrait of the editor Rosa

I haven't mentioned yet a true cornerstone of the magazine and of the adult entertainmente community at large, and that one is, of course, Edvard Taurion. On Pro*vocative i read first about the unfortunate facts of life that led a massive rallying in his support from his friends, and again, you could say the whole community and beyond, considering the generous contribution from top rate furniture designers. This issue of Pro*vocative, which contains also one of Edvard's patented interviews, begins with a tasteful poem, and that is how I'd like to close the post.

Of course reminding you also the URL of the online version of Pro*vocative, also embedded in the blog , and reminding you of the parties for Ed's fundraiser, closing today with a 11 AM to 1 PM party with DJ Zoey, and 9 PM to 11 PM party with DJ Moonie.

Contact me for any question and proposal - blog related, that is.

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