Monday, July 6, 2015

The Sexiest® Awards: Keeley Snowfall's coverage!

One week ago, as you might have heard, our traditional version of the Oscars happened, and as any event with that type of playful pomp deserves, it had also official photographers and  a red carpet section!

I presented to you already the photos from the first night by Erin Cedarbridge and Melina Jameson, and Marika Blaisdale's from the second. Now it's time to show you the ones taken by another red carpet photographer, who already covered the event the year before, and the year before that. There you have, Keeley Snowfall's photos! Enjoy.

Sandy Miggins and Miss Emily

Leannan and James Wolfgang

Spirit Demure-Rust and Hard Rust

Sugar Vegas and Coeur Noir

Carly Mode and Dillon Lecker

Antonio TooCool



Alisha McAuley

Cassandra Hastings

Kaoru Kira and Harley Chanel


Thank you again Keeley for a job well done, and hope to see you again next year taking red carpet pics...

Just Have To

...especially like this!

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