Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Pornstars Challenge: Jewell's Most Wanted

I received and publish this idea for a picture post and challenge from our own Jewell Infinity. It's something simple to do and fun, and I hope some of you will be amused by it and do it...or you already did it when The Arcade event was raging on and the Most Wanted boars were circulating already!
Enjoy, and remember I always welcome your contributions and ideas for photo series as well ! - Kat

I can be many things in SL but if I had to go to prison on SL for the injustices I create or who I must be, hehe, these would have to be for definite...
Well, I found the perfect thing  and these boards summed me up perfectly...

Oh yes, I'm a constant crasher only when certain times, and then I tend to just get uber frustrated, I also tend to stay in my skybox a lot, but then again my skybox homes change and then i never get bored, hehe.

Yes yes...I know  stick to serious face...I'm going to be charged...
Next one is a given and describes me down to a T literally being a Inventory Hoarder and i so so know i need to get rid of a load of things like its going to be worth something in the future lol.

Another would be for sure is the still rezzing part, i can be for hours to me still waiting on me to at least uncloud hence the skybox hermit thingy its like i cant uncloud then uunchange so no win situation :)

These are the boards i bought and picked for myself and i can so explain many more of me in great detail...but I challenge you all to possibly find the perfect Most Wanted Card and describe yourself in a few word and why...

Make it as funny and things as much as possible...have fun everyone :)
- Jewell

It's me again, Kat, and I want to remind you: these are the boards Jewell is showing: 

they are transfer and were gacha items from the Arcade. They are avalaible for as low as 40 L$ on MP from gacha resellers, but they are also transferable, so, if you happen to want one, just contact me or Jewell and we probably can fix you with one :-) Have fun! - Kat

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