Thursday, July 30, 2015

'Onyx Blaze' by Ravi

Movie post time! What is it gonna be today? An easy one for me, because it's another Bhairavi production, it's...

Third movie, wow. I had to stop for a moment and wonder if there was a mistake, but no, this is in fact Ravi's third movie. Onyx Blaze.
Only the third, and yet, with ease she puts together 30 minutes of authentic storytelling. A movie about true love...and a porn one at that.

"The woman Onyx spent a night with a new lover, Zuby. When she came home she told everything her wife Crystal, a hermaphrodite. They live in an open relationship and enjoy their lifes of freedom. But unforeseen Crystal became very jealous. After a dispute Crystal leave Onyx. Both woman fall in confusion and adventures of pleasure and pain."

Now, my 'job' with these posts is to bring to your attention releases from the scene, and give a well deserved mention to the talent involved and perhaps some new information. Nobody puts more effort giving credit to her cast than Ravi herself, tho. Once more, her blog post about the movie is celebratory (in the true sense of the word) and brings spotlight and insight over every cast member involved.

No matter how small the final screentime for the role might be, every actor is organic to Ravi's vision of the story, and she does a splendid job highlighting their contribution and thanking them for what they added. Which is, I think, the best part about our community.

Besides the wonderful homage to all the people involved, you have to visit her blog also to get a glimpse of the mindframe she was in when planning the movie, including a very subtle consideration about the POV i did not initially think about. This is in fact, just check it

With definitely hot sex scenes. Very well paced, as I already pointed out for her other 2 movies. A very solid start with a steamy lesbian scene, and after that you get other hot hardcore scenes, with a naughty trip into BDSM territory., porn, I was saying....But also, a story that is very much focused on the 2 main characters and their relationship. This is certainly the most memorable aspect of the movie. Ravi uses some creative visual solutions to portray the tension simmering between the two lovers, and you have to check it out to realize how effective it is!

There are so many aspects worth being highlighted in this movie, so full of passion and with the ambition of telling a story, or rather, another episode in the story of the two main characters, reprised from Ravi's debut 'Crystal Facets'. And since there's little point doing a poor copy of what already has been told, just go read her post.

"How they create their life and the importance of freedom to both. From the beginning it was my plan not only to produce a single movie with a single story. The idea behind every film is to tell more what happen. To develop different storylines, put some together, seperate them. In other words, make it deeper. Awake the roles to life."

And watch the damn movie, because stories are much more fun when shown, and not told! And this movie does a great job and goes to great lenghts to show. Even the most intimate and impalpable aspects of a relationship.

Which is after the jump!
And if you feel like talking to me about your movie, please do! I love to cover your work!

Onyx Blaze

Onyx Blaze powered by XTube

And as a little bonus...

I´m so happy. It´s done. Onyx Blaze is finally finished. I can not put it into words, what this movie means to me. It was a personal affair of the heart, to make this movie.

Ravi had the idea for it. But I was involved from the beginning in the development of the script.
It gave me a lot of fun. I listened enthusiastic to Ravis ideas. I was happy about her Idea to show the picture from my sight. So I could tell myself to her, my own emotions, and how I want to see the Character Onyx. The characters Crystal and Onyx are no one else then Ravi and I.

I enjoyed each of the shootings.Most of all I liked the shoot along with Sandra Palletier in the BDSM sequence. My favorite sequence of the movie is with Marika Blaisdale.

Ravi has done an amazing and great job as director and editor. I admire her.

From Urmeli's blog post , about the movie. Tells everything, no? :-)


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