Friday, July 3, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack : Busted Returns!

July, time of magazine, stuff published, yadda yadda yadda. Let's see what we have today...Oh, apparently, it's...

BUSTed Magazine

Busted July 2015 starring Bridget

Ooooooooh I MISSED THAT! Yes, after a brief planned absence, the magazine that is good for your eyes and very bad for some of the models' backs makes it return to the virtual magazine rack. And what a return this is!

A return with great luxury, high life, charter planes! (pic by Be, featuring Partee and some other blonde)

Busted has never been exactly scarce in content, or spread thin what it had. Substance is what it is about, most certainly paying attention to a (voluptuous) form. This brand new issue is a great sight, and a great read

A very summery shoot of Kalika Juliesse from Rachel Swallows, shooting also Willow Ishmene!

Great read, easy to say why. Just to prove how much this magazine has a constant eye for the Pornstars community and not just viceversa, this issue features 2 insightful articles about how to be a an Adult movie producer (from Serenity Kristan-Faulds) and how to be a Pornstar (by Miss Emily). That on top of the usual lineup of feature posts about fashion, in world locations, furniture designers.

The other shoot from Rachel will bring you a closer look at someone who has a vaste set of tools at her disposal. Chance are you have items from her...check out the mag to learn more and tell me if I was right or what!

And great sight...well, that is easy for you tell when you have a look at these little yummy previews i present throughout the post. Photos by Spirit Eleonara, Zuby, Rachel, Be, and Domino Dupre. Rachel does a terrific job presenting the changes in the magazine and the various talents they bring to the project. Again, they are all people from our community, whose skills and predisposition for teamwork you had multiple chance to experience if you have been around the scene for a while.

The gorgeous NikkiT (Nichola Catteneo) by Zuby!

Besides the new role of Bewitched Difference, co-owner of the magazine, not surprising considering the huge amount of work she put in the previous tenure of the magazine, a just tribute and seal for a personal and professional collaboration with Rachel that goes way back, I want to point out the role of Domino Dupre in the, uhm can we say 'digital' version of something that is already not technically 'printed'? Well, you know what I mean, tho! She blogs for the magazine, on the official website , publishing the photos from the official Flickr Group! and doing way more! Such as exclusive hot shoots with the Busted staff members!

A mag HAS to have Rachel Avro in it at some point, right?! By Domino Dupre,Busted Photographer AND blogger!.

What is new and you need to know about Busted? You need to know that you can actually read this July Issue through the website I just mentioned, Very cool online reader, I was not familiar with Joomag, but it's a keeper! Also online , is the very handy application form to be a MODEL for Busted! Don't forget to do it, even if you applied in a long past for the mighty waiting list back from the Maggie Bluxome days, it's time to do it again. Make your presence know to Rachel and you have a chance to appear soon for a very well produced, award winning magazine, that brings you excellent photos. Every month. Again. Welcome back!

But since I have already put quite a bit of photos, more than my usual for magazines, and that leaving out beautiful faces and bodies such as Adele Simondsen, Vivi Joy, Ucci, let me put one more pic, and stress out how hot the Busted parties have been towards the relaunch of the magazine. The latest being now tonight's at Erotique! So, just BE THERE! And we are waiting for the new and exciting initiatives about to come, from the creativity of Rachel's design, the event planning by Leannan, the blogging by Domino, and whatever Be does! (kidding).

Please feel free to hit me with news about the porn community, events, magazine, exhibitions! I am always glad to cover your work. Enjoy!

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