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Making out of with... Sandra Palletier

It's always my pleasure to sit down and chat with Sexiest Pornstars members to talk about present and past endeavours, in particular a set or photo of theirs they are fond of and would like to bring attention to. In case of Sandra Palletier, so many of her sets are memorable to say the least.
Notorious is her affinity for putting sexy girls and t-girls in chains in her BDSM shoots: the tone of those works though, often ranges from the filthy and grungy to the decadent and luxurious, even solemn, with some trips into the unexpected.

It's sin time in Heaven

So, for this installment of "Making out of with... ", Sandra picked a set from a while back she enjoyed doing and that was different in tone from what she was doing at the time. So, it's time to have Sandra talk about it, and It's sin time in Heaven !

- So, Miss Sandra, tell us how did this set start!

"It started with a mood. I felt like not wanting to do anything special, but maybe photographying. And i also started to work on an outfit : the white dress as seen on the beginning on the set. I thought about it because i am often on a Sim called the Black Sun Tabernacle, which takes place in sort of a elaborated haven of debauchery, with mysterious empty halls, and women in lace, velvet, and elegant yet naughty attires.

It's sin time in Heaven

Once i did my outfit i felt like having a look at that Sim to see if it fits in some of the various places of it. I already had somehow an idea bout the room, i remembered one that was more in white and clear tones. Once there the idea became more precise and i looked at the various devices, testing some poses quickly. And it then became quite quick : i contacted Anaïs, the model, who was online and i knew she would not be too much trouble for such a thing, i told her briefly what it was about.

It's sin time in Heaven

While she was getting ready i was browsing the lights and windlights settings. I obviously had to do something with clear and bright light, which was not my habit at that time, but there was no other way here. Since i was myself in white, and Anais too, i decided to go for a blue/turquoise/white color set, without not any other reason than inspiration.

The rest is pretty simple : try to fiddle with some of the devices and see what comes out of it. Some had solo poses and needed my dress to be removed... and so on."

It's sin time in Heaven

- The setting played a big role for the inspiration. Tell us more about it, please.

Part of the sim is [open to the public], but not these rooms. There is a very nicely built town on ground level, open to public. The set takes place in an area restricted to members.
The real name of the sim is "Umbra Shadow" and even the town is worth the visit. There is a lot to be found and seen.
And many naughty places sometimes well hidden...

It's sin time in Heaven

- So tell used the poses from the props you found in the rooms, you mentioned. Sometimes it's not poses but animations, I am sure. Do you take a lot of snapshots trying to decide which works better, do you have many discards ? Any advice to our readers about how to deal with this 'on site' approach to photos?

"Well you are right, i actually use animations, 99% of the time in all my work. Thus i take several snapshots, but only previewing them, until saving on my hard disk : i have to make sure i have the proper angle, and don't have weird collisions or so. It is even more difficult on non-adjustable props. Sometimes i just have to quit the idea of having a shot done.

It's sin time in Heaven

The thing with animation is, at high-res, there is a short delay betwen the moment you click on the button and the shot is effectively done. So i guess this is about rythm, maybe like in a videogame : you have to look at the animation carefully, keep the pattern in mind, and anticipate. With time, and practice, it gets easier, but this is always a bit tricky.
One thing that add to the tricky-ness is that i RP most of the time (except when i am on a very difficult set, then i tell the model i need to focus). "

- So....there is a RP linked to this set we'll never get to see, hm?

"Hehe... the RP for this set is another story. And would require 4 pages of text  :p "

It's sin time in Heaven

- What is the best way, you'd say, to be in a photoshoot with you, or, I'll put it differently, what is it that you are looking for in a model, if anything ?

" The best way is to look good and to be skilled with clothing, editing, repositionning and so. And to be a little playfull. It acutally depends on if i am using standalone static animations or if we are having sex. So... i guess that, what i look in a model, is the *look*, the *skills* and the ability to remain silent if i hint that i am busy working, or to be playfull if i am on a sex roleplay mood. Easy !

It's sin time in Heaven
I usually give and try some hints to see what mood the model is in, anyway. And what i hate is people trying on different thigns such as clothing or hair when i have already said "this one is good" . I have nothing against non-mesh gear, as long as it does not clip badly with the body. And please, no system eyes ! Eyes are SO important. Bad eyes can totally ruin an avatar."

- One more thing i want to know. How do you think your style has 'evolved' through the years? Anything you 'changed' in the way you approached photography from your beginnings to your latest sets?

"Well, technically at first, i am now able to take high-rez snapshots in ultra mode, which was not possible when I started. And i can see how it evolved, yes : one major change was the use of shadows, that i used a lot, for they were... useful to hide the glitches at first :) then it became sort of a trademark.

A trip down memory lane as Sandra shares a pic from her beginnings.

Now i start to use layers with my editing software, and i work with brighter environnements. My subjects don't change much, but my techniques have become more various and have surely evolved. A few years ago, editing a pic was taking me about one minute. Now it's more 2-3."

Big thanks to Sandra for sitting down and chatting with me....well, in retrospect, maybe sitting down was not a very wise choice...

...but what is life without a little risk, hm? Enjoy your day!

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