Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack : July Magazines!

I cheated, but "June Magazines Kat Makes Posts For 1 Week Late" is too long !

Aroused! Magazine

Aroused! Magazine Issue 28

Make a magazine one day, win an award the day after, snap all the other awardees the following...busy life for Marika Blaisdale as usual, but she manages to always get things done, and she has so more in store, so many surprises.
What is not surprising anymore is the great quality of her magazine, Aroused!

She is becoming a familiar faces at the Pornstars Parties, and making photos herself now !

Photoshoot after photoshoot, Aroused puts many beautiful models in the spotlight thanks to the ceaseless work of the regular artists: in this issue in particular, the amount of 'fresh blood' is impressive. Beginning with the lovely model Starr Reinard, shot by the guest photographer Nicasio Ansar, new to the magazine himself but that already established himself as a very versatile and sought after talent on the scene. And going on, with sensual shemale Woiven photographed by Zuby Gloom, and 2 tremendous avis from a real queen of erotic publications, Spirit Eleonara.

Her masculine/feminine photoset features at their best Kyndred Kamala and mr. Doom himself, 'RandomDD' Dethly.!

Completing the issue, more debutante hotness by Melina Jameson, featuring another cutie learning photography in Jalywa,  and the always sexy and never seen enough Ceri Qinan. But let's not forget, of course, another hot regular of the magazine in Cindy Frindy!
And Marika's work, with someone whose work will never be celebrated enough, and whose talent and versatility as model are criminally underrated: Tatiana Easterwood.

This is my time to use the "smoking hot" line! Yay, one more caption in the books.

There is just so much to see on Aroused, every month...twice a month, actually! Putting together a remarkable series of creative photosets ranging between all variations of the erotica spectrum, it's a great vehicle for the talent of photographers and a must have for the discerning model!
Oh I sound so much in promo mode now, but it's the bit when I just tell you: Go Get Aroused! On Marketplace, through in-world kiosks (such as the one located at Britannia Village, Royal Albert Hall, where the Exhibit for the magazine is still taking place!), and of course, online.

Tell me stuff about your magazine, if you have one, or have been in one! I want to know more!

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