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Making out of with...Aria Horan

One of the Pornstars group members with the most prolific record is without a doubt the very intriguing Aria Horan. If you don't follow her flickr yet, you are in for a real treat...and a trip into the sexual side of SL like no other.


The sheer amount of pictures in her stream is overwhelming. You will find there, as you can see scrolling the post, plenty rough and hot 'action' shoots, but Aria loves also to play with a raking light and portray lovely beauties. In fact, just the other day she started a new album of her 'Shemale beauty' series after the previous one racked up nearly 200 photos.


In fact, I am going to cover her series in the next future, but this interview she kindly gave me last month covers her approach to what she calls, as you can read now, 'combat photography'! It's the very evident passion from her sex photosets that made me learn about her and follow her on flickr.



Without further ado, here's Aria Horan and her relationship with SL photography and eroticism in her own words. Enjoy her words, and of course the photos, mixing some of Aria's favourite photosets with some stunners she did this past month !



- Your photosets have a lot of 'energy' about them: I imagine they are taken during actual 'sl sex' situations, am I wrong? When taking snapshots, do you think more about the sex, about how the photos will turn out , do the two things clash sometime? 

" First of all, thanks for the compliment: I like to think my photosets have energy, and, yes, you are right, it’s all ‘combat photography’ – nothing planned, nothing staged, all on-the-fly. I did a staged shoot once and it was the most boring thing I think I have done in SL – basically being sat on a poseball and adjusted for ‘that perfect shot’. Never again. Sex should be about action, passion and fun

. Woody

As to what I think about when having sex and taking photos? Hmmm. I carry a DSLR around with me virtually all the time in RL – never know when a non-sexual photo op will rear its head– so I long ago stopped consciously thinking about framing and composition, lighting, how the eye reads information, lines, rule of thirds and all that Photography 101 stuff – which more than a few people who post so-called porn in here would do well to learn (there is a difference between holiday happy snaps and *photography*) – I guess I have developed ‘eye’. I just move the camera round and shoot. 


That’s another reason I call it ‘combat photography’ – there is no time for overthinking things when you are in the heat of battle. Or in heat. So I am thinking about the sex, the camera thing kind of takes care of itself. That said, I am usually not in control of the menu so I have to play it by ear. Or eye


I also studied film years back and try to incorporate a few basic principles from that in my work as I like to try and provide at least some semblance of a narrative: using establishing shots to provide some location information and after that get close into the action - you can fill in background detail with the closer-in shots. No-one wants to watch porn like you are looking through the wrong end of a telescope. Or do they?" (continues...)


- ....with more , extra hot photos after the JUMP !-

" I know you are on a fricking beach and it’s sunset, for god’s sake, I don’t need to be reminded every shot. Zoom in. Facial expression is vital to both narrative and communicating the excitement of the sex to both your partner and the viewer of the pictures, and you don’t get that in long- or medium-shot.



To anyone starting out in SL porn I would recommend you deconstruct the porn you like looking at in RL and incorporate what floats your boat into how you approach the craft in Second life. "


 - Tell me a couple things you find absolutely hot in an avatar, or in a person. 

 In a person: intelligence, curiosity, sense of humour, compassion, honesty, passion, wisdom, being comfortable in your own skin, humility, a zest for living, consideration, integrity. And a full set of teeth, preferably your own. Or at least have an idea of whose teeth they are.


The externals, I guess in part at least, flow from this and it’s probably easier to say what I don’t find hot in an avi and excess tops the list, for any and all genders, be it 72ZZ cupsizes, a three foot penis, or a butt you could house a small family on AND have room to grow your own veges . Roided out bodies are high yuck index too. Bling jewellery is a major turn-off as is anything set to full bright, be it hair, jewellery, or your own, or borrowed, teeth. Gentlemen – invest in a least one good shirt and a pair of decent shoes.



Again, if you are going to wear tattoos, preferably something that doesn’t look like you have been attacked with a magic marker. Not all quality is expensive but not all that is expensive is quality. Nice wrapping does not a great present make, but it certainly increases the initial attraction. The ability for form sentences and spell full words is also attractive. And FFS they are called ‘facelights’ for a reason – they are not meant as a substitute for the sun.



- Tell me a couple of your turnons in sex (can be your favourite sex position(s), place, etc ...) 

Turn-ons: I love doggy style, and being on top – they are also more interesting from a photographic perspective. 
Black men – you’d never guess from my portfolio lol – the contrast in skin tones is a real turn-on.
Sex partners who can emote well – the brain IS the biggest erogenous zone, after all. 
Attractive shemales/t-girls.


Group action. I do like to have sex in crowded places – part of the exhibitionism inherent in posting my sexcapades on flickr, I suppose – and that instant feedback from people watching is always a turn-on.



A little bit of urgency, passion and roughness is appreciated – I won’t break, so don’t handle me with kid gloves, though the touch of soft leather….mmmm.
 Where was I?



 Place is always an issue. I like to vary the settings as much as possible, as much for myself - so I don’t get bored looking at the same set shoot after shoot – as the viewers. Favourite place? At home with my girl.

- If there is a photoshoot (or 2, or 3....) you did that you love and think back about very fondly, please tell me which.

 Just to restate, they are not ‘shoots’ as such. That said, I guess the albums with the most pictures in them is a measure of how enjoyable they were – the number of photos is directly proportional to the amount of time the ‘shoot’ took. And I throw a lot of shots away. It’s not uncommon for me to try and whittle down hundreds of photos to a manageable number for an album. So if you see albums like a few I have done with Woody West (this and this, for example) . or Juilius ( this  or this  ), or Mack or the 160 shot one with Diablo , you’ll know serious fun was had! And, of course there are the ‘shoots’ that, when I am reviewing which shots to use, I find ones where I go “wow! You really got a good one there, girl.” Like (the four that open the post).


But a lot of that is down to chance, to the unconscious ‘eye’, and a good choice of place and player. Or players, as the case may be. And if I can have great sex and get a few great pictures along with that, woo hoo.


- Does it often happen in the middle of the photoshoots to be interrupted? If you have a horror story about a photo or photoset, feel free to share !

 Well, once I was with Julius and we were just hitting warp speed when the sim restart message came on. So we tp’d to another sim. Within minutes the earth moved and it was nothing to do with us. Two more sims after that, same thing. It was like the Lindens were following us going “They’re almost there . Hit the restart button!” Sim #5 was stable, if a tad vanilla, but I stopped taking photos because there was no geographic coherence. Good sex though, in the end !


I mean there is the usual stuff - hands and other things through bodies, poses that are WAY out of alignment and no means to adjust them, dickheads who find it funny to play with the menus from a distance, sim owners who care so little for their patrons that they don’t maintain their furniture, menus that stop working part way into a liaison, people rezzing on top of you and just hanging around on your back or head, or rezzing and deciding “ooh, this looks good, I’ll stick around a metre away and watch”, though that can add some visual interest to a shoot (if they don’t look like you are the first thing they have seen since Help Island).


 But, as I said before, I do combat photography so unpredictability is a given. Worst thing, guys – or girls - who throw you around like a rag doll trying to use every possible menu item from foreplay to “OH FUCK! YES!” in record time and then poof.



 - If you wish, tell us also what you like to do in SL in general 

Well, apart from shopping and clubbing – you know, the usual SL stuff - spending time with my partner is a priority; bringing the Funk to the masses at my DJ gigs is fun, as is building the physical sets to match the events’ themes. I used to make and sell clothes but these days I tend to just make Lolas appliers for stuff I have already made or new stuff for my own use.


 I make tattoos, generally traditional Thai sak yant tattoos, for myself and I build and landscape, and decorate – I have a huge collection of Asian art that I have collected over the years that will, one day, end up on Marketplace.


 And taking naughty pictures."


You don't say!
Thank you so much to Aria for taking the time to share a bit of her SL: her hot photos keep coming on her Flickr stream, and you will never be short of exciting material to check out when you visit.
Enjoy the weekend, and see you soon with more and exciting posts, even in this hot summer!

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