Friday, July 10, 2015

Wanna Flick ? Paradise Enabled

Today, to put the spotlight on movies, I go with the two latest machinima brought to you by the ever growing skills of Jenny Starveling.

Both videos will prove for you a VERY pleasant sight. 'Kane is Able' sees Jenny being joined by adult star Kane Daffyd. Kane is quite the character, and if you haven't checked out his website, you really should, as he surely has an eye for hot models and dabbles in different genres and scenarios like a true porn producer.

In Jenny's video, his handsome new avi (not an unfamiliar face these days in porn...) is a very effective sexual partner for her. In fact, his body is a well complement for Jenny's, and the onscreen pairing (and coupling...) really works wonders visually.

But most importantly, Jenny really brings a wonderful sense of intimacy to what is shown. Sure, there's good ole fucking with the dark gentleman and the explosive Starvelingasms, but I truly - and thoroughly - appreciate how she gets the camera close and captures the details.

She always manages to do something new or not quite done that way before - details like the sequence where Kane's cock stiffens are truly difference makers when it comes to put together a sensual experience using the limited means SL gives us.

And the ability Jenny has depicting sex as joyous and even romantic interludes (yes, GFE fans, something like that in movie form) is shown even more clearly in Stranger in Paradise.

Very different sexual partner here, and again credit has to be given (well, literally too! He is uncredited :p) to him, his look is unique and something indeed unique to the movie he brings!

Without going overlong describing what the screenshots already hint, and for 2 vids that are very svelte in minutage (but very intense in sex content!): you can still count on your fingers the movies Jenny Starveling has made so far, but she shoots like a pro, 

there's lot more coming from her (ok, enough talking about her orgasms....)

...and I think your hands will be busy doing something different than counting soon.

When? Well...The movies are here, after the jump. Just saying!

Hit me up with infos about your projects and suggestions about what you'd like featured on the blog!

Thanks, and now, enjoy ! 

Kane Is Able 

Stranger In Paradise 

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