Friday, July 24, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack : Partying Magazines!

You think you are living in the wrong century?
Well, grab a view of the wrong side of the tracks too, thanks to...

The Living End

The Living End Issue 6

The ever boldy expressive magazine from the 50s, 'The Living End', in this issue has again an amazing lineup full of (porn)stars and downright sexy models. Since Spirit is so good at presenting her material in a concise way, I am going to raid her flickr description for quotes, or at least the summary.

" In this Issue:

Tatiana Easterwood
Zuby Gloom
Seddy Constantine
Margie Blanco
Special Appearance by: Kron Ray

Fashion features provided by: DRBC, Knockers and Irrie's Dollhouse (most available in Retroville.)"

As Spirit said, Tatiana Easterwood in all her retro glory

So you see already great reasons to check out the issue: those reasons have names, and you see previews of the high quality photoshots they have been in, right here.

And that's just a fraction of the great experience, Retroville-style, that this magazines provides. With this month's 'theme' exploring a darker side with gripping results.

Seddy is a naughty girl! What a surprise!

Again I show to you a couple shots in the pristine perfection provided (watch me alliterate!) by plurime prizewinner photographer Spirit Eleonara, but the clever wordplay and professional work by Hard Rust with the layout is an unmissable element of what makes this production so stylish, different, and perfectly themed.

Margie is looking for some dick in this issue. No, really.

Speaking of theme: as I had the chance to say about a previous issue, it's a fun exercise in style to play with the framework of the 50s era, but the humour and attitude of The Living End, of course are the ones from our time and age.
What Hard and Spirit always meant with this project, is to give people something different and fun to do, and they assembled a fantastic material for it. One of the most beautiful and characteristic sims you can find in the destination guide of SL, Retroville is a place to roleplay at, a place to take photos and shoot movies (I had the pleasure to wreak havoc in the streets just earlier this week for a production), but that of course doesn't mean that it wants to exclude or chase off the casual visitor. In fact, more and more often you can see in Hard's notices in group, the invite to join the fun at the parties there, with no strict dress code.

Timeless beauty, Zuby Gloom

It IS more fun if you try to live the setting a bit, and there are many excellent shopping opportunities on the premises, but just don't miss out on the entertainmente and the beauty of the location because you "don't know how to do the 50s".

And there is not one chance, but THREE to join the Retroville fun this weekend. Because yes, it's been nine, yes NINE years since the inception of Hard Alley, Second Life's Original Sin, and now Retroville.

9th Anniversary Parties 9th Anniversary Parties 9th Anniversary Parties

" Celebrating our 9th Year Bringing Fun to Second Life!

It's too big a party to fit in just one night, so we're splitting it over THREE!

Friday, July 24 with DJ Spirit and DJ Kron

Saturday, July 25 with DJ Jade and DJ Lazy

Sunday, July 26 with DJ Dizzy and DJ Moonie

Join us for fun and music and shenanigans! Be there, or be square! Come as you are! No special attire required!

... So, you heard the old man. Join the fun at Hard Alley this weekend, you'll have lots of entertainment going. In one awesome location that needs just people to come and join.
And you'll get the chance to grab your copy of The Living End there...if you haven't yet. Which you totally should !

Also, you totally should tell me about your magazine in SL if you haven't yet. I want to cover your work, gimme a chance to do so!


  1. Thanks so much for this awesome post Kat! We hope to see everyone out at Retroville this weekend! It will be lots of fun! ♥♥♥

  2. Thank you for the great write up and the kind workds!