Monday, July 20, 2015

'Suntan Lotion' of .DOOM. !

Now there you have it, a movie for the summer!

Its name is Suntan Lotion, and as you might have guessed from certain visual trademarks,

...and of course i meant the logo, it's the work of mr Dethly. Another .DOOM. Production and another jaw-breaker.

I mean dropper. Jaw-dropper.

So what is this movie about? Well....according to the description:

"What happens on Vacation stays on vacation - Juicy thick bitches get their fuck on"

Seems legit!

This movie brings back the festive and summery atmospheres from BubbleYumBum, but features more than a song in the audio track. Needless to say, the editing is top notch : to quote a comment from the flickr page "Awesome job! Crazy avatars, great camera shots / lighting / editing and i love the soundtrack!"

Because really.

Technically this video is as sound as it gets, the visual is of top quality with shadows and reflections heightening the impact the highly detailed hyper-eroticized avatars have. 
It's also a totally lewd film, and you will see kinky views not so often seen in SL machinima porn - and with this kind of detail.

Big props to the cast as listed: 'Daves' Dick Dethly,  DoubleDeez, Krissy Hazelnut, VenomVixxen. 
Guest Appearances: Daya Darkrose, JohnyDepth & Travi Bologni. 

The movie is packed with sexyness, and just showing a couple more screenshots doesn't really give justice to the outstanding quality of the video. Pure porn, shot with great skills and a flair for the funny and extreme, in a very distinct style and personal taste.
And dat ass.

Looking forward to see the next project by Daves aka Dick Dethly. This Suntan Lotion looks like Awesomesauce to me!

The vid is after the jump, so just go enjoy it...and stay tuned till the end!

.DOOM. Suntan Lotion powered by XTube

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