Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Intergalactic SLUTS : Where No Man Has Cum (so far!)

These girls show more than just Enterprise...they are...

No photo posts from the awards today, but it is just about time to give a gentle reminder to the blog readers of what is shaping to be again THE biggest event in the world of adult machinima this year.

A mere 3 days after the Awards, and after 4 year of her illustrious career, I don't really need to introduce Miss Emily and her work: what is worth stressing perhaps is, her tendency in the past years to undertake projects that seem nothing short than monumental. The past 2 years it has been feature lenght movies who recreated real life movies. 'Reinvented' is the better word probably, given the amount of rewriting and 'pornification' required. This time, tho, it's different.

Ah what a long preamble. You do know what I am talking about, don't you? Well, Miss Emily chose to tackle on a 'series' format. Putting together an entirely original project. No RL acting to work around with a patient labour of mix and match. This, is all...

We are talking about something that intends being a 'real' series, a la Battlestar Galactica or DP69....err, DS9, so with episodes not at all loosely connected, quite the contrary. Therefore, and it's something that always make smile in enjoyment, here I am making a post about 'porn' stuff but talking about plot and writing!

The episodes are remarkably very well structured. Just look at the screenshots here. It's porn. Most of the screentime of every episode is solid porn action, with both episodes clocking in at 22 minutes , with over 15 mins of hardcore. And yet, it does a great job at doing what ANY good tv series does if it wants to keep the viewer hooked: develop the characters and set up an interesting fictional universe (meant quite literally here).

The devolopment of the plot happens thanks to neatly looking futuristic computer screen captions. Considering Second Life can be called (not entirely in a proper way, but still) 'a videogame', it shouldbe a common choice for SL based videos, but it's the first time actually that I see this type of solution implemented so extensively and in such an effective way. Probably because of the setting, that makes you 'buy' how those captain log entries belong there and are part of the story, keeping you immersed.

It's one of the most interesting aspects of the series so far. I am a big fan of visual novels, and I like the layout used and the creativity in the narratio without use of actual dialogue.

There's even room for more than a humorous moment and obvious sci-fi classic references.

And of course, the sex is really good. So far it's all lesbian sex because...look at the cast! But Emily did a really cool job keeping it fresh, with various combinations and some frankly excellent shots, such as in the shower scene in episode 1...

But there's nothing I can possibly add about the talented cast of exciting pornstars confirmed for this series, so from now on I am just quoting a few bits from one of Emily's original posts about the series, who bring up very importants points about this, and just watch the movies after the jump! Don't wait for the DVD boxset to come out!

"This is beyond porn, it's an animated erotic space series, if you don't like a story then this isn't for you! I don't expect this to win any awards I don't see how it can compare to a "movie", I'm doing this because this is where I am as a director and this excites me!! This is a completely new way of story telling for me. I have wanted to do a space series for as long as I have been doing porn, I just couldn't think of the proper way to tell the story. When the light bulb came on in my head I was so excited and we immediately started looking at sets and props, carefully picking each."

"My idea of this series is more formulated more around Star Trek than Star Wars. We are peacefully exploring but we can defend ourselves (Like Walking Dead). We have a main cast of 7 of the best and brightest porn stars (3 directors, 4 photographers) our duties much like Star Trek... well much more sexual. An 8th main cast member has already been picked to join us in episode 4 and we will need a large supporting cast that could have roles for 1 episode or several and must be willing to die.

We will travel from planet to planet and mostly have simple sets like the original Star Trek series. The possibilities are endless as ones imagination, other than the constrains that SL puts on us!!!"

Watch the movies after the jump, and if you have been in a porn or made one, or have any projects in SL you wanna promote, tell me more about those!

Intergalactic SLUTS 1x01: Awakening 

Intergalactic SLUTS 1x02: Bios 


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