Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Sexiest® Awards: Melina Jameson's coverage!

After Erin Cedarbridge and Marika Blaisdale's excellent coverage of the 2 nights of the Awards, it's time to show you even more photos from the event.

Melina Jameson is known for her fun-tastic photos full of raunchy action she so defly designs, courtesy of her vivid imagination and mad posemaking skillz, but she has shown in the past a lot of talent for sneaky paparazzi shots, and she is very used to work quickly and efficiently.

So she was a natural choice for the red carpet photographer role, and she did a great job on Saturday! Big thanks to her for also providing 'captions' to the photos, I like to see how every photographer interpreted their role differently. I also liked this pic a lot, so forgive me the self-indulgence.

She captured the the nominees photos,  the guests, onstage shots, and also the brilliant venue built by Midori Rotaru. Thanks again for a job so well done, and on with the pics!

See more after the JUMP!

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  1. I wanted to be there, but it was on a Saturday and had to do my RL work.