Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Sexiest® Photos Of The Day ∙ Official Gallery ∙ July 9

oo, oo.. that smell

Psychologist Geoffrey Miller of the University of New Mexico “tracked stripper income across ovulatory cycles."  The effect Miller discovered wasn't small or subtle; he calls it "shocking...." When the strippers Miller chronicled were in estrus, they made about $354 per five-hour shift. Anestrous women made about $264 -- a difference of $90. And menstruation cut dancers' earnings in half. The difference can't be attributed to one woman's attractiveness over another's, or to fashion choices, because the research took place over two months. The estrous and anestrous women are the same women, documented at different points in time….”  But how would the men know the women were ovulating? They didn’t -- consciously.  It turned out on further testing that the men were smelling the difference on the women and didn't even know it!  [I knew this.. did you?]  *link after the pics

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The Sexiest Photos of the Day!

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