Friday, June 5, 2015

The Pornstars' Rack: New Creamy Releases!

Britannia rules the waves. That might be why I am getting wet?

Britannia XXX

Britannia XXX issue 1

Don't wanna be redundant with my posts, because I am sure you are getting more and more familiar with the world of Britannia. No, not that one...That's such a 90s reference. This has more than one Avatar and much sexier ones.


A good view of the fully erect Big Ben. Leans a bit to the left, doesn't it?

You can see already, after her wonderful pictorial in the first issue, the delightful Cream Release takes the spotlight thanks to a beautifully produced photoshoot of her own. Lots of colour and full of life, in the magazine owner and editor Kat's words, and I certainly agree. I am a fan of Laredo Lowtide's darker photoshoots, and so I am enamoured with his set with Ali Lancrae, but equally gorgeous is his rendition of Jewell Infinity, gracing yet another SL magazine with a pristine view of her avi.

Looks like Tasa is leaning to the left too.

To complete the lineup, a playful shoot of Tasanee by Melina Jameson, and Holly Arkright, always a perfect display for the camera of Kat Kassner. Who appears as well, and that can only be a good thing! Of course, you will bring home with this issue assorted posters of the beauties featured.

The latest Britannia XXX issue flaunted by Kat on stage (among other things).
The third issue of the magazine was launched during a party at the eponymous club. No casualties.

With parties happening every Tuesday at the club and a great all-pornstars cast, you can see Britannia being a great part of the adult arts community, with some really exciting initiatives to be announced very soon.
Kat, Laredo and the Britannia gang have a very useful outlet for communications and announcements in their blog. They actively use it and the whole issue is actually avalaible for you to browse there, page by page.

Fetch your in-world copy through MP , or from the store! And see you at the next party, I hope! - Last time I looked they were also looking for additional djs, take that into consideration, maybe!

 Did you appear recently in a SL Magazine ? You MAKE a SL magazine? Omg, not another one! I am kidding. Just call me in world, and I hope we can cover it in here, as long as it's relevant to our community. Thank you!

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